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City Agrees To Nix Nostrand Ave Bus Lane Violations After Finding Backlog – Here’s How To Fight Your Ticket

Signage for bus lane enforcement (Source: DOT)The B44 Select Bus Service route on Nostrand Avenue became the latest in the city to feature camera-enforced bus lanes [/nostrand-ave-to-get-bus-lane-camera-enforcement/], but a snag in mailing out violations and the functioning of the cameras themselves has caused drivers unaware of the new restrictions


New B44 May Speed Up Commuting For Riders But Increases Traffic

In a not so-scientific analysis, DNAinfo found [http://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20140113/crown-heights/brooklyns-new-b44-express-bus-causes-traffic-nightmare-residents-say] that the new Select Bus Service B44 causes a massive amount of traffic whenever it comes tumbling along Nostrand Avenue. The new bus service began operations on November 17, 2013 [/the-b44-sbs-is-now-operational/], and in the time