Marty Golden Explains The Car Crash He was Involved in 2005 – “It was an accident!”

State Sen. Mart Golden at the Dyker Heights Civic Association debate against Andrew Gounardes. (Photo: Kadia Goba/Bklyner)

DYKER HEIGHTS  — This week State Sen. Marty Golden spoke out about the crash that led to the hospitalization of a 74-year-old woman in 2005.

During a heated debate on Tuesday, at the Dyker Heights Civic Association, one audience member asked the state senator if he would push for the release of the records of the investigation where “[he] struck and killed a woman in 2005.” The NYPD didn’t charge Golden in the crash. 

“It was an accident!” Golden yelled. “An accident where a woman crossed the street, crossed against the light. My car — my what do you call it — my rear view window hit her. She went down. She suffered a head injury. It was found at the hospital that she had cancer, cancer of the stomach, she could die six months later.”

“Ladies and gentleman, I have no problem releasing anything as long as the family is OK with it,” said Golden. 

On Wednesday, Golden told Bklyner he did not have the family’s information and said he would be held responsible for any incorrect statements about the incident.  He chose not to respond to questions about the $750,000 payout to the family the Daily News reported last December to settle the lawsuit filed by the administrator of Zafiropoulos’ estate in 2008 that accused the Republican senator of negligence and recklessness. Hariklia Zafiropoulos was 74 years old when the accident occurred more than a decade ago at 3rd Avenue and 84th Street in Bay Ridge.

“I feel sorry for the family and they should have never brought that up,” he said of the audience member who asked the questions at Tuesday’s debate.

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Kadia Goba

Former Politics Reporter for Bklyner, covering Brooklyn politics and Crown Heights/PLG/Bed Stuy. @kadiagoba


  1. I’ve heard Marty uses a driver because his license was revoked for this incident, not accident. Also, I wonder how many people have died from Marty’s “lost” gun that he claims his mother lost as if a police officer so casually loses his service weapon.

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