Gunshot Scare Causes Panic At Coney Island

On Sunday, false reports of gunshots set off a panic among hoards of Coney Island visitors, sending revelers running and screaming in all directions.

“Just as we got to the front of the line to buy our tickets we heard screaming and saw hundreds running… I hadn’t heard gunfire nor seen any imminent threat. The only reason we had to run was that other people were running…People were scared. Girls were crying. An NYPD helicopter hovered overhead,” said a BKLYNER reader.

Cops descended on the scene and quickly took to social media to dispell any hysteria:

“All reports of any shooting by the amusement area in Coney Island are false. There were no shots fired or anyone shot,” said 60th Precinct NYPD.

The chaos reportedly sparked with a dispute that involved bottles crashing to the sidewalk near Luna Park. Several people were treated for minor injuries related to the brawl. Though no serious injuries were reported, many revelers left the park on Sunday feeling spooked.

This incident comes two days after a similar panic ensued in Penn Station in Manhattan after the rush hour crowd mistook a police taser for gunshots, sending commuters cowering behind garbage cans and dashing to safety.

Were you at the park this Sunday when the chaos broke out? What did it feel like to be in the crowd? Let us know at or leave your comments below.

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  1. I was there with my 2 year old and 5 months pregnant.We came from Delaware for a family easter trip and were seperated from everyone else.we were at the kiddie rides after waiting 40 minutes for tickets.
    Crowds rushed towards us and away down the boardwalk, people pushing everyone out of the way and ducking and hiding, ladies telling me to shield my son.
    It seemed to calm down then suddenly everyone scattered again in every direction, nevef heard gunshots but the panic was enough to make anyone run. As we headed out of Luna Park, people were climbing behind ride signs and over fences to escape. The hoards of police rushing over with no explanation or trying to calm anyone down did NOT help. We got to the subway station THINKING we were getting to safety and suddenly screams a 3rd time and everyone running to rush through the turnstiles and emergency exits. I, at this point steamed forward and ran up the ramp to a partially open train where a crown helped hold the door open and whisk my son in his stroller and me through the one sided door opening.
    As i sat down dazed and crying, i felt like i was possibly going into preterm labor. We made it back safe and sound and see all stories saying false alarms and no threats but i just dont understand how this is possible after what i experienced.
    Needless to say we will NEVER go back eapecially with how crowded and dangerous it was to begin with in those kind of circumstances. Just not worth it, too expensive,cant move forward,30 minute wait times AT LEAST, then pandomonium over nothing???? No thank you

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