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If you are a Brooklyn based business, you should absolutely claim your FREE neighborhood listing (only for businesses in local zip codes). It includes all basic features:
  • Business name, address, phone number and website
  • Business logo, 1 Category and 1 Business Tag
  • Text introduction of your business
  • Hours of Operation
  • Customer Feedback


PLUS Plus lets you customize your page and start engaging with the community. It includes everything from Starter, as well as:
  • Image gallery
  • Up to 5 Business Tags and 3 categories
  • Links to your social media pages
  • List up to 2 Events and 1 Promotion at a time, distributed to our newsletter subscribers




BKLYNER  Pro is for businesses ready to take command of their online engagement. It includes everything from Starter, as well as:
  • List unlimited events and promotions (featured across all our sites, and in all newsletters)
  • Post links about your business
  • Premiere listing in Search Results on site