Cymbrowitz Tells Party Boat Owners To Keep Up The Good Work

Cymbrowitz and community leaders meeting with party boat owners. (Photo provided by Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz's office)
Cymbrowitz and community leaders meeting with party boat owners. (Photo provided by Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz’s office)

With summer almost in full bloom, Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz called a meeting with local party boat owners to praise their diligence addressing quality-of-life issues and noise complaints.

The Assemblyman’s tone was notably different from last year, when he said the boats were dropping off rowdy, drunken partiers on the waterfront — creating a nuisance for neighbors. He introduced legislation to ban the boats from docking at Sheepshead Bay’s piers.

Cymbrowitz said boat owners have responded to community concerns and worked hard to clear partiers from the waterfront after finishing their cruise.

“We didn’t get one complaint about the boats last summer, which shows just how far we’ve come,” Cymbrowitz said in a press release. “The lines of communication are open and everybody is working together to address any concerns raised by both the community and boat owners.”

The meeting, which took place last month on the Atlantis, was also attended by Senators Diane Savino, Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein, as well as police, community leaders, and Parks Department officials.

“We’ve made great progress since last summer to alleviate some of the various problems and will only further make the community better and help the businesses thrive with continued partnerships,” said Savino, who last year backed Cymbrowitz’s boat-banning bill in the Senate.

Cymbrowitz also chalked up the drop in complaints to work by local police, who he said have regularly posted officers around the docks when the boats returned.

Cymbrowitz said he looked forward to another season of cooperation between the party boat owners and the community.

“We want your businesses to succeed and we look forward to continuing our productive dialogue this season,” he said.

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  1. How about Assemblyman Cymbrowitz calls this same meeting for 8pm on any Saturday in July/August? Let him get a taste of whats really going on the Bay when those delightful party attendees await to board the boats.

    He should also pole the local businesses on how the party patrons stimulate the local small business economy ?

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