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Cymbrowitz, Scavo, MBNA Rally Behind Fidler Campaign


A tipster in Manhattan Beach sent us the above letter, which we’re told is being distributed to homes throughout the community.

The letter is an endorsement for Lew Fidler from Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz, Community Board 15 Chairperson Theresa Scavo, 61st Precinct Community Council President Yves Etienne, MBNA President Alan Ditchek, MBNA spokesperson Edmond Dweck and… well, ol’ Ed Eisenberg, who has a knack for getting his name places.

Although as a councilman Lew Fidler does not represent Manhattan Beach, he will if elected to the State Senate during the March 20 special election. And the letter goes on to note the various achievements Fidler has scored over the years in the communities he does cover – tailored of course to Manhattan Beach interests (think: traffic, traffic, traffic!).

Our favorite part is the reference to Fidler’s victory in getting Department of Transportation Commission Janette Sadik-Khan to come down to Gerritsen Beach dressed as The Black Dahlia. It has nothing to do with the achievement, and everything to do with making that joke…

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  1. Ah, good ol’ Eddie Eisenberg, bless his gentle heart. I must have had hundreds of conversations with him over the past 12-plus years, and I’m still doubtful that he actually knows my name.

  2. “Mother of mercy, is this the end of Fidler?”  with an apology to the movie “Little Caesar”.  Punditry tells us that perpetual-pol Lew Fidler is feeling the heat and he and his braintrust realize that in a Special Election, a nudnick like his opponent can win.  Like Gov. Dukakis said of Bush the 1st, “I can’t believe I’m losing to this guy”. But he did. Are we witnessing another “Turner-like” upset ?  We shall see. Stay tuned.

  3. Let’s see, this is the hottest state senate election that I can remember (but I was in diapers just 20 years ago so I don’t remember many at all).

    We have a choice of some of the most mediocre scumbag lawyers money can buy. One guy who kisses the butt of the democratic party machine every chance he gets and has the public pay for his campaigns election after election, thank you very much while the other scummy makes money off of child molesters and nasty divorces but needs to get into the senate to improve his financial security.

    Where’s “Rent is Too Damn High” when you need him?


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