Curbside Service: The Dog-Walker Window

bagel world doggy window

Reader, neighbor, and dog owner Lauren Zavier recently wrote in looking to spread the word on a store feature she’d like to see more of:

The smartest store in Park Slope is BagelWorld on 5th Ave because of it’s doggy window.  I would buy sooooo much more from Culture, Zito’s etc if they understood the trouble of the dog owners in PS.  Can you tell them? […]  The window is like a drive-through for pedestrians walking dogs.  You can order through the window which opens to behind the counter.  They even give out dog treats… I know how many dog owners there are in PS and how many people love this window! Now let’s get more windows!

Of course, the window is possible for Bagel World because their counter abuts the store front, as opposed to the aforementioned Culture and Zito’s. Still, if it is as much of an issue for dog walkers as Lauren says, maybe it’s worth brainstorming other solutions. I know I’ve heard of businesses that will meet you out on the sidewalk if you call ahead to say that you’re coming.

Dog owners and walkers, chime in. Is there a need here?

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  1. The Bagel Market on 7th near Union has a sign in their window saying if you call and place an order, they’ll bring it out to you and your pooch.

  2. I’m not sure if this qualifies as a “need,” but it really is a great convenience. And the people who work at Bagel World are super-nice and always dispense dog treats. I prefer the bagels at Bagel Hole and Beygl, but find myself stopping Bagel World more often because I usually have my pups with me when I am in that neck of the woods. (Also, the pistachio muffin at Bagel World is seriously delicious; it probably has like 8 sticks of butter in it or something.)

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