Coney Island Hospital Treated To Record-Breaking Meal Donation For Staff

Healthcare workers at Coney Island Hospital were treated today to 500 meals from Nick’s Lobster House.

The record-breaking donation, the largest the hospital has received during the virus, was made by local attorney and community advocate Priscilla Consolo. Consolo was treated by the staff in the emergency department in February, before the COVID-19 crisis had fully hit New York City. Council Member Mark Treyger and Ari Kagan worked with Consolo to organize the delivery of the food from Nick’s Lobster House, which has served the community since 1955. 

The food was donated by Nick’s Lobster House. Courtesy of Council Member Treyger’s office.

The manager and chef of the restaurant, Dimitrios Karousis, said that they “have delivered thousands of meals each day to local hospitals, firehouses, and police precincts. Some of these meals have been donated by the restaurant, whereas others, like this one, have been provided by private donors. With everything they’ve been doing for this city, our frontline workers deserve a good meal.”

General Manager and Head Chef of Nick’s Lobster House, Dimitrios Karousis, shows off the meals. Courtesy of Council Member Treyger’s office.

One of Consolo’s doctors was Dr. Mark Kindschuh, who was present today for the meal delivery, giving her the chance to thank him again, in person, for saving her life. Consolo had been hearing the reports about Coney Island’s hospital being overwhelmed with the crisis. Her online fundraiser raised over $4,000. 

Hospital and delivery workers outside the emergency room. Courtesy of Council Member Treyger’s office.

Council Member Treyger commended the hospital for their courage. “I am proud that my office was able to help coordinate this amazing showing of appreciation for our heroic medical professionals,” he said. “The healthcare workers at Coney Island Hospital have risked their own lives to save many others during this unprecedented public health crisis.”  

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Ellie Plass

Ellie Plass

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  1. Work at coney as a resident can attest to not getting anything guess all the higher ups took the good food and left the meager Bloomberg pasta for us worker bees…..

  2. Workers are good at Coney, management sorely lacking any professionalism and common sense. Can’t change without changing head nurses, supervisors and directors and perhaps the CNO as well.

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