Brooklyn Dems Win, Felder Does Not

Simcha Felder. (Photo: NY Senate)

BROOKLYN — State Sen. Simcha Felder, who caucuses with state Senate Republicans, came up short on committee leadership roles Tuesday. He does not have any.

Felder, (17) who’ll give up the Cities Committee in Albany is the lone Brooklyn “Democrat” not to receive a chair appointment from the new Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins.

Former IDC-member State Sen. Diane Savino was bumped down to the Internet and Technology Subcommittee. The Southern Brooklyn/Staten Island senator was once Vice Chair of the powerful Finance Committee during her reign with the IDC.

Incoming freshman Zellnor Myrie (D20) will chair the Elections Committee. During an interview last week, Myrie told Bklyner that revamping the election process was high on his list of priorities.

“Voting is the right that protects all other rights so it is truly an honor to be appointed as Chair of the New York State Senate’s Elections Committee,” Myrie said. “New York’s antiquated election system is broken — made clear in our last general election — and it is time we reform how we vote and finance campaigns”.

Kevin Parker (D21) replaces Republican Joseph A. Griffo to chair the Energy Committee.

Roxanne Persaud (D19) replaces GOP member James Tedisco as chair of the Social Services Committee.

Andrew Gournardes (D22) will swap with his predecessor, outgoing  Republican State Sen. Marty Golden, to chair the Civil Services Committee.

“As a newly elected member of the State Senate in a district that many civil servants call home, I am honored by the trust in my ability that the Democratic Leadership has shown by naming me Chair of such an important Senate committee,” Gounardes said. “Civil service is fundamental to how our State functions.”

Velmanette Montgomery (D25) will chair the Children and Families Committee in what is rumored to be her last term as a senator. She replaces upstate Republican Pamela Helming.

Brian Kavanaugh (D26) who’s district extends along the northern Brooklyn waterfront received the Housing Committee Chair. He’ll replace Betty Litte from upstate.

Julia Salazar (D18), the controversial candidate who beat State Sen. Martin Dilan will chair the Women’s Health subcommittee.  She and Savino are the only two Brooklyn Democrats to receive subcommittee seats.


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Kadia Goba

Former Politics Reporter for Bklyner, covering Brooklyn politics and Crown Heights/PLG/Bed Stuy. @kadiagoba


  1. Wait for reapportionment. Boro Park will look like Bay Ridge. Simcha should be looking for a new job now. Avoid the rush.

  2. If Felder was Black or Spanish speaking, all would have been forgiven. Kevin Parker, who has in the past beaten up a traffic cop, convicted for beating up a NY Post reporter, being physically restrained from attacking a fellow State Senator, who is a woman, yelling, screaming and losing his temper regularly in Albany, still gets a free pass from his fellow Democrats who instead of expelling him from the Senate, promoted him to committee chairmanship along with lulus and a larger staff.
    Kind of reverse racism.

  3. @reverse racism comment: That’s ridiculous. The guy voted and caucused with Republicans, holding their majority against the will of New Yorkers. Why would the Democratic party reward that? He would be lucky to lead the party planning committee, organizing cupcakes and sandwiches. He should be where is may be headed: out of work.

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