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Bklyner editorial staff: Paul Stremple, Pamela Wong, Liena Zagare and Zainab Iqbal.

BKLYNER is a Brooklyn-wide news site, with its beginnings in Southern Brooklyn.  Our roots are in community reporting, and we care about the communities we cover. We strive to cover the diversity of the Brooklyn neighborhoods and the news, issues, events, and businesses that matter to their residents.

Where we excel is building community — online and off — and that comes by focusing on the needs of all residents. If you have an issue you’d like us to cover, or just want to share an amusing anecdote, email editor@bklyner.com or call (347) 533 4474.

BKLYNER started as a network of neighborhood news sites, some established as far back as 2008, and grew to include the following: Bensonhurst Bean (2011), Ditmas Park Corner (2012), Fort Greene Focus (2009), KensingtonBK (2012),  Sheepshead Bites (2008), South Slope News (2013), and Sunset Park Voice(2016). In January 2017 they were all consolidated in one site, BKLYNER.com

Fort Greene Focus began its life in 2009 as The Local, published by the New York Times, and then the CUNY Journalism School ran the site as “The Nabe” in 2013 and 2014.

We are a funded through subscriptions from our readers, and community partners as well as advertising.


Liena Zagare

LIENA ZAGARE is the Publisher and Editor at BKLYNER. Liena was born in Latvia, then part of the Soviet Union. After graduating from LSE with a degree in Economics, Liena worked for the IFC in Central and Eastern Europe, on a variety of investment projects. Seeing what unfettered development can do to cities led her to pursue a degree in Urban Planning from NYU, and start Ditmas Park Blog in 2007 – one of the earliest online neighborhood news sites in the city covering the bit of Flatbush where she had settled with her family in 2005. After selling the sites to AOL, Liena briefly worked for Patch, leaving in 2012 to start Corner Media to provide neighbors with community news through Ditmas Park Corner and its sister sites in a manner that would serve the needs of the neighborhoods best.  They have since all become BKLYNER. com. You can reach her at Liena@bklyner.com or (917) 496  5888. Liena is fluent in Latvian, Russian and English.

Dina Rabiner

DINA RABINER is the Director of Sales and Marketing for BKLYNER. When you’d like to advertise or partner with us, please reach out to her by filling out this form. You can also contact her at Dina@bklyner.com or (646) 228 4151.

Bklyner editorial staff: Paul Stremple, Pamela Wong, Liena Zagare and Zainab Iqbal.

STORIES: If you have a tip, story idea, or want to send us a press release, feel free to email/call us directly. If you’re writing in with a tip, please be as specific as possible and include all the information you have. If you’ve got photo or video, you can send it to us in an email editor@bklyner.com. If it’s an emergency or breaking news, it’ll be best to call us at (917) 496 5888.

ADVERTISING: Got a business or service you want to promote to the residents of Brooklyn? BKLYNER is definitely the place to do it. We’ve built a strong, loyal readership that is engaged with the neighborhood. They’re interested in supporting local businesses and are aware that a good community is founded on a thriving local economy. Email Dina@bklyner.com for details about our readership and rates for an advertising campaign.

CONTRIBUTING:  Got a love for your neighborhood and a desire to express it? Looking to build up a portfolio of writing? We’d love to provide a regular forum for your work, and are open to your pitches — however, if you’d just like to get involved, we can help with ideas for pieces. To apply, send an email pitching what you’d like to do and why you’d like to do it, and please include some writing samples, to editor@bklyner.com. We pay for work we publish.

COMMENTS POLICY: We encourage and appreciate comments from our neighbors and readers on our stories. However, those comments must contribute to a neighborly conversation, and in general, they cannot be abusive, contain personal attacks, be inflammatory, or be overly profane. We reserve the right to make the decisions about which comments violate these ground rules, and will moderate the comments at our discretion.

Corner Media, Inc, is a member of the Local Independent Online News Publishers Association.

Corner Media Inc (the publisher of BKLYNER) is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of age, color, disability, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, veteran status, or any other classification prescribed by applicable law.