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Young Israel Of Bedford Bay Senior Center Is Closing Its Doors

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The Young Israel Of Beford Bay Senior Center is ceasing operations at the end of the month, according to a report by News 12 Brooklyn.

The center, located at 2114 Brown Street, received a letter from the New York City Department of Aging stating that its contract will be terminated at the end of the month.

According to News 12, officials working for the senior center believe that a lack of funding is forcing the Department of Aging to close the doors of Young Israel’s senior program.

“If this place is going to be close, I’m going to be lost,” Jean Kesten told Brooklyn 12 News. “You feel like a family, you’re with people.”

About 70 seniors like Jean meet at the center every day to greet friends, read together and participate in activities like knitting.

While there are other centers in the neighborhood, the closure of Young Israel would force seniors to take multiple bus trips, a trying task for those comfortable with the convenience and ease that Young Israel provides.

Marlo Sommer, an executive secretary for Young Israel, echoed the difficulty of the impact the closing will have on the local seniors, “When someone is 80 or older, they don’t have, lets say the physicality or the mentality to go to another center and start from scratch.”

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  1. Yesterday Nightline had a piece about prisoners (male) learning to knit in Maryland. Knitting & socializing is healthy for seniors. E-mailed Nelson, Fidler, Clarke, Markowitz, Bloomberg — please don’t leave our seniors out in the cold.

  2. Councilman Fidler wrote me on Jan 28th that the Young Israel of Bedford Bay’s bid to fund & run the senior center had been denied to the woman who’d been running it and she packed up and left without notifying his office.

    Caryn B Resnick, Deputy Commissioner for External Affairs, wrote on February 12 that the center’s proposal did not pass muster with ‘an independent panel of reviewers.’

    She writes “The nearest senior centers are CCNS the Bay Neighborhood Senior Center at 3643 Nostrand Avenue and the Jay-Harama Neighborhood Senior Center at 2600 Ocean Avenue.”

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