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Yooberry Frozen Yogurt To Open On Sheepshead Bay Rd


Sheepshead Bay Road is getting its second frozen yogurt spot soon, as yooberry Frozen Yogurt prepares its digs at the former location of the Flagg Tax Center.

Located at 1501 Sheepshead Bay Road, yooberry will be right across the street from the Sheepshead Bay train station entrance – and the Dunkin’ Donuts / Baskin’ Robbins powerhouse. And, oh, just a block and a half down from the three-year-old Arbuz at 1706 Sheepshead Bay Road.

Unlike the Baskin’ Robbins and Arbuz, though, it doesn’t appear that yooberry will have seating – the storefront doesn’t have enough space to offer much more than a counter.

Thanks to Laine for the tip and photo.

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  1. I wish them luck, but I hope they learn to co-exist with Arbuz. I love Arbuz too much to want any competition to succeed.

  2. This might prove to be interesting, especially if it is anything like the Frozen Yogurt place ( whose name escapes me now) which opened up in the Morton Village Shopping Center in Plainview, L.I. a while back. No, it’s not the Coldstone, or whatever creamery. Only caveats will be, if they serve good, fair priced fare, in a welcoming atmosphere, and they are able to keep, the non salt of the earth, out, and loitering by their entrance !Their timing is certainly right, and we wish them well!

  3. Froyo business is anything but easy. I remember arbuz in its first year in business there were rumors that they would close down, it was that bad. It is odd that this was chosen to be done on the same road within only two blocks, really odd! Wish them luck and maybe they do have a something different to offer, i just highly doubt it.

  4. I’m glad something will be occupying that spot and I wish them luck, but I wish it would have been a different type of business since we already have a great fro-yo place a block away. It sure would be nice if a decent bakery  (sorry Jonathan’s Bakery, you are nice folks but your food is awful) would open there, or a nice coffee shop. The 7-11, while it is an overpriced chain, is clean and bright, and Randazzo’s sandwich shop is great, hopefully this place will do well and the area will improve. It’s such a nice neighborhood, but such scuzziness greats you when you get off the subway. 

  5. A heartfelt and well reasoned comment! It would be nice if Cymbrowitz and Nelson actually helped do something, to alleviate the “scuzziness” that greets us when we exit the station at SBR! It is really a hub, of our otherwise friendly, and wonderful neighborhood. You would think improving that area would be a given for our politicos! Sadly, though Cymbrowitz usually means well, Nelson is too busy speeding around the area behind the wheel of his SUV…

  6. Wooow they open today. What a nice place. They are so friendly and price is also very good. That spot was a waste for sheepshead bay But now what a difference.
    Thank you and Good Luck…

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