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Yogo Monster Loses the Park Slope Yogurt Battle


Well folks, it’s finally happened. The Park Slope frozen yogurt bubble has burst.

From the minute Pinkberry announced plans to open up an outpost of their mod and tangy mega-empire on 7th Ave and Garfield, people started buzzing about the impending death of long-troubled 7th Ave froyo rival Yogo Monster. Is there room for two competing yogurt places three blocks away from each other? Is there room for two competing yogurt places three blocks away from each other if one of the yogurt places is already in serious trouble?

From a FiPS post back on April 10th:

Yogo Monster is pretty much fucked. I mean, I hate to say it, but this Pinkberry sitch is bad news bears for them. I have a soft spot for Yogo, simply because it’s located so damn close to me. And I do think they have really tried to switch gears and try new things out when shit wasn’t working (i.e. switching to self-serve, changing layout of store, experimenting with coffee, etc). The only way I feel like they could legit survive now is if they amp things up big time. Like they need to add about 75 more toppings to their topping bar (maybe even ditch one of their yogurt machines as I feel like they have too many flavors)…

And as is so often the case, FiPS seems to have been right. From Here’s Park Slope:

..the axe has fallen even quicker than we could have imagined: a “For Rent” sign has gone up on the front window, and a manager confirmed that the fro-yo shop will be shutting down in October.

Whether they’ll be serving the last twist at the beginning or the end of the month is still TBD. Any Yogo loyalists in mourning out there?

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  1. I never understood why they had a tip jar on the counter; it’s SELF-serve. Do we get tips?
    Anyway, not exactly heart-broken tho my 8-y/o might be.It was just a little… gross.

  2. I LOVE Yogo. I am really going to miss it. And FYI, everyone has a tip jar on the counter. The kids clean and refill the fruit and toppings, etc. Is someone who pours coffee or puts a muffin on a plate more worthy of a tip?

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