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Woody Allen To Film New Movie In Coney Island Next Week

Woody Allen has never been known for sitting still for too long. His latest film, Café Society, is playing in Europe right now, and his new Amazon series, Crisis in Six Scenes, is set to debut at the end of the month, according to Woody Allen Pages.

But between all of that, Allen is gearing up to film his next movie at Coney Island. Allen famously shot the bumper cars scene from Annie Hall at the old Thunderbolt and bumper cars in Coney Island in 1977. Shooting at the set is scheduled to begin on Thursday, September 15, according to Page Six.

The film with have big-name actors like Justin Timberlake, Kate Winslet, James Belushi, Tony Sirico, and Juno Temple. Not much is known about the film; Allen tends to keep details of his pending films secret. According to Page Six, however, the film will take place in 1950s Coney Island.

Knowing Allen’s style and repertoire, he will paint a nostalgic old-school Coney Island, reminiscent of days passed.

It will be Winslet’s first time working with Allen, a director mired in controversy over sexual misconduct allegations involving his adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow, from the 90s. The issue arose again in February 2014 with Farrow’s open letter featured in a New York Times column. Allen’s stars have been criticized for working with him, and not speaking out about the allegations.

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