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Woman Sues After Husband Dies In Restroom Of 86th Street McDonald’s

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McDonald’s located 2411 86th Street, in which the incident occurred. (Source: Google Maps)

A local woman filed a lawsuit against McDonald’s after her husband died in a restroom at their 86th Street and 24th Avenue location.

Anthony Denicola, a 67-year-old grandfather, had a heart attack in the restroom in June 2013, but medics couldn’t get to him in time because he was dead bolted inside, the $10 million suit filed by Anna Denicola alleges.

The Daily News reports the chain of events:

The part-time truck driver was meeting friends at a McDonald’s near his Bensonhurst home ahead of a fishing outing.

He went to use the restroom and, after a while, his worried pals went to check on him, relatives said.

The one-stall room was shut with a slide lock and employees “told them there’s no way to get in, there’s nothing they can do,” said the dead man’s son, Anthony Denicola Jr.

After a passerby called firefighters, it took them 15 minutes to get inside the restroom, according to the suit.

His dad had been planning a surprise retirement party for his wife, who had just completed a long career at the Department of Education, according to 36-year-old Denicola.

“My father was a family man,” he told the Daily News. “My kids, they adored him.”

Denicola also fumed that McDonald’s employees did not respond appropriately during the crisis.

“They were definitely no help, either the workers or the managers,” he told the New York Post.

Family lawyer Stephen Spinelli told news outlets that McDonald’s has “a duty to offer their customers a safe environment.”

“We were deeply saddened by the loss of our guest Anthony, who visited our restaurant regularly,” franchise owner Paul Hendel told the Post.

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  1. This is a very sad story. The firehouse is directly next door to this McDonald’s location. I’ve often seen those massive deadbolts in restrooms in public places, and thought they weren’t a good idea, but it’s a shame Mr. Denicola had to be the proof. Hopefully, this won’t happen again.

  2. The man died in the restroom from a heart attack in the restroom. McDonald workers aren’t the ones to be blamed for this. The guy just unfortunately died in there. Also, firefighters have to go through certain procedures so it’s understandable that it took 15 minutes. No one should be blamed for this. McDonalds didn’t cause his death and the workers were probably never taught how to handle that type of situation.

  3. This man was a drunk. He was fired from his employer due to drinking on the job, as well he had a very bad cocaine habit. He was not taking his medications as directed, that most whom knew him can tell you, he lived a very careless life. He and his friends would spend days in and out of mcdonalds, since he did not work, he was out of work. Understand. This is the same people whom said that they do not know how their son passed away from food allergies, seems to be alot of money from lost blood and karma follows in each lifetime. Bless his soul, and heart.. for he had to go in the bathroom in mcdonalds what a sin. My understanding is that everyone in mcdonalds knew this man as well since he was in there daily. as for them opening a door, or helping, how would they know as for going into and opening the door come on, I find it hard to believe it was the lock, it was the body blocking the door. The fire department has opened doors beyond as well car crashes that the tools they have do not really help. This the same family that did not call 911 for their own son, the father I read stated he drove his son, who does that. Who with a food allergy does not call 911 for their own child. Just horrible, seems to be alot of misinformation and greed, in the blood and death of this family. I pray. RIP 15 mins is great for the 86th street..I lived there my whole life, blood money is never good karma.. I pray for all.

  4. usually by the time a 911 call comes in, and relayed to the proper agency is within minutes, this makes the FDNY look bad, 15 min is way too long, then again you got all the numnuts working the grill that don’t know shit about anything other than making a burger. McDonald’s should have a master key, and there’s no need for deadbolt locks, and possibly a VISIBLE help button inside the bathrooms will help as well

  5. “A reasonably safe environment” would include a lock on the restroom door that can be locked from the inside. The door, the employees and the manager are not to blame if someone had a heart attack. The man’s heart is technically to blame.

  6. Your an asshole who knows nothing an shouldn’t talk shit about people they don’t no you talk about karma lol don’t worry it will knock on your door for sure

  7. You shouldn’t comment on something you know nothing about they are a bunch of ASSHOLES in that place workers an Especially management so is the JERK OFF so called owner who knows nothing That goes on in there an knows none of the people who go there on a daily basis an he should never ever have left any statement that they are deeply saddened because they are full of shit an are a bunch of heartless bustards those people who work there especially management are cold hearted people

  8. This is a very sad situation someone lost their life there
    are also fire codes and building code you have to follow as a single restroom
    you must have a handle with a key if there is an emergency someone can access
    the bathroom as I know somebody that was there when it happened the managers
    and the work is told and there was nothing they can do mind you would a food
    handlers license you must have a CPR kit on hand so out of one of those work is
    somebody must have a CPR license why somebody was trying to kick in the door
    somebody ran to the firehouse down the block the firemen came and it took eight
    tries at least to get into the bathroom with crowbar which was about 20 minutes
    from when they told McDonald’s that there was an issue when they drag the man
    out of the bathroom he still showed signs of life his arms were moving and they
    started chest compressions so see if you follow state guidelines it is McDonald’s
    full because if they had a key to get in they could use that CPR kit behind the
    counter until medics arrived it is said that anybody lose a family member it
    could’ve been a little kid that locked himself in the bathroom and couldn’t get
    out an old lady or man who fell and needed help and couldn’t reach the lock I
    know when I going to McDonald’s or any public place I want to feel safe God
    forbid I was behind that door I would want somebody to be able to help me or
    one of my family members it’s definitely a tragedy that could’ve been avoided
    now if they lock the emergency exit with a padlock and there is a fire and
    somebody dies because they could not get out of that exit whose fault is that
    some things could be avoided it’s a shame somebody has to die to have the rules enforced

  9. Okay Danny M my name is also Danny and I are very good
    friends with the family for your information the child had asthma as well as
    allergies and the father was a single dad because the mother wasn’t allowed to
    see her kids for almost 3 years and he did have an EpiPen on him and he also
    was treated for that whole week within the nebulizer’s signs were not allergic
    reaction was immediately put on the nebulizer and then the EpiPen was
    administrated plus not being far from the hospital he got his child them much
    quicker than it ambulance as I was in the hospital I heard the doctors say if
    he did not do that he would’ve been dead before he got the key administrated to
    EpiPen’s which the doctor said he did better than some doctors that he knows
    and now getting back to the McDonald’s yes they hung out in McDonald’s it was a
    bunch of older guys who were retired they used to meet at McDonald’s and then
    usually go fishing by the water or go to car shows and many other events I used
    to work nights and when I would come off the train in the morning I would see
    the group of gentlemen and see the man I knew and I would say good morning to
    him every morning this man was a family man did anything for his family and I
    used to tell my friend I wish I had a father like that he and my father do not
    even talk his grandkids was his life and his friends meant the world to matter
    of fact I can remember a time when I was sitting eating breakfast why he was
    talking with his friends and told them I would be back I have to drive my wife
    to work and I said you’re retired and you gotta drive a back and forth now he
    said I’m not retired I am car service now and he laughed and he went to pick up
    his wife so as you talk about,, will market your door if it hasn’t already in
    for both of their losses they both were good fathers and I am proud to call
    them my friends as he would help or take the shirt off his back to help any one
    of his friends he would go out of the way to help someone that’s just the kind
    of person he was it’s just a shame to Goodlife’s are gone and him being a
    single dad he did a great job he did everything for his kids made they both rest
    in peace . And for people like you Danny M may you rot in hell

  10. I used to work at that McDonald’s and quit! Worst managers and service! My mangers were assholes and used to make fun of the trainees and customers. Once a manager bumped into and made me spill boiling hot coffee all over me and didn’t care of say sorry. They also like to embarrass people in front of the customers.

  11. So true. I hated working at that place. That stupid bitch manager with all the makeup used to make everybody do all her work and when the owner came that’s when they wanted like they cared about the place. Yeah okay. They are a bunch of retards.

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