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Woman Comes To Sheepshead Bay Looking For Contract Killer, Finds Undercover Cops Instead


A married Manhattan woman, looking to collect on her husband’s life insurance policy, plotted to have him killed in Sheepshead Bay by contract killers. The New York Post is reporting that the woman’s scheme ended when it turned out that her conspirators were undercover cops.

The woman was identified as Elena Adams, 57, and is a native of Romania. Interestingly, the Post reported that Adams and her husband live in the same Manhattan apartment building as Police Commissioner Ray Kelly. Apparently, Adams’ husband, Irving, had been unemployed for some time, so Mrs. Adams sought to plan a staged hit-and-run accident to cash in on her husband’s’ life insurance policy. After using jewelry and a $60,000 stamp collection as collateral, the Post described how Adams got caught by undercover cops:

[T]he “hit man” she allegedly hired was actually an undercover investigator with the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office, and Elena, 57, was charged with conspiracy and criminal solicitation after meeting with him.

Sources said Elena, a native of Romania, spends time in Sheepshead Bay, where she told a fellow immigrant several months ago, “I need you to help me kill my husband.”

The friend ratted her out to cops in the 61st Precinct, who got the Brooklyn DA’s Office to send out an investigator skilled in posing as a hit man.

Yesterday, Elena rode around in the investigator’s car and gave him a photo of her husband, along with the jewelry and a bunch of rare German stamps, cops said.

The plan, which sources said was caught on tape, was for Elena to have lunch with Irving at a restaurant at Avenue Z and East 11th Street, after which he would be run down while crossing the intersection, cops said.

It is worth noting that there is no restaurant at Avenue Z and East 11th Street, but okay.

A neighbor, who lives in the same building as the Adams couple, stated the obvious to the Post.

“There was no love in that marriage,” the neighbor said.

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  1. wait… there’s a restaurant on avenue z and east 11th street? o_O …why is it mentioned? is it a typo?

  2. Bitches are born to be bitches.
    Some people are just pure scumbags for life. Sadly you can’t do anything about it.

  3. If a hitman agrees to take your stamp collection as collateral, that’s your first clue that it’s probably not a real hitman.

  4. Maybe they meant the fomer Chicken Masters on Avenue Z and E. 12th St. And, of course, at that location, a car might not be going fast enough to actually kill a pedestrian, so she was risking a life of caring for a disabled husband. And, if she was looking for a hitman, why didn’t she try Bensonhurst or Howard Beach? Oh, wait, it was a friend of a friend.

  5. I once gave a guy some forever stamps to hurt somebody’s feelings. He knew the potential value of those stamps in a few years.

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