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With Power Still Out For Many Sheepshead Residents, Councilman Puts Pressure On Con Ed

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Councilman Michael Nelson’s office needs your help to get power back to areas still blacked out from Hurricane Sandy.

According to representatives for the councilman, his office is working closely with City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, the Office of Emergency Management and Con Edison to expedite restoration of power to the neighborhood.

But amid the confusion of Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts, identifying priorities remains in the hands of residents.

The councilman’s office is asking that those without power or know of large buildings or blocks without power to email, or to call Mary Scarfogliero at (917) 494-6208.

They ask that you include the address of the property without power, and, if you have it, the following information:

  • Approximate number of tenants or apartments if a large building or block
  • Management company contact information, including name and number, or
  • The superintendent’s name and number, or
  • If a private property, the name and phone number of the owner.

Residents should also call (800) 75-CONED and file an individual complaint. The office reminds residents not to assume the company knows about it or someone else has lodged a complaint. Areas that receive the most complaints are prioritized by the company.

Additionally, Nelson’s office was flooded during the storm, and so calling his district office or trying to walk in won’t work. Use the contact information about for any requests to his office you may have.

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  1. As of last night, when I went riding around through the area, Emmons below Bedford was shrouded in complete darkness.

  2. Hey ESS, isnt all of Emmons Avenue below Bedford Ave? I think you meant to say east or west of Bedford, didnt you?

  3. 2700-2800 block of East 27th Street doesn’t have power either, therefore I think the area is East 27th Street down to at least Ocean Avenue, between Avenue Z and Shore Pkwy.

  4. Like a flood or storm makes a difference with the help a person gets from Nelson’s office. Mostly useless. That is my personal experience and opinion. He needs our help?? Yeah thanks for the #. Stuff it Nelson.

  5. SheepsheadBites help launch my campaign for NYS Assemblyman from the 45AD with their fine article expressing why i found it necessary to run as a write-in candidate and the programs i will work on when elected. All three party opponents are conservative and do not represent a segment of sheepshead Bay and midwood who are progressive Democrats of which I am one. I want to end solitary confinement for the mentally ill at Rikers island . The criminal justice system endangers us by not rehabilitating inmates and only dealing out the harshest punishment . 66 percent of all released prisoners , after one year from release reenter jail. the system does not work . I want also to protect the funds for public schools. The other candidates want nine thousand dollars from the 18,000 a student receives in NYC to go to private schools which only admit the powerful and rich. If these differances between the other three candidates make sense to you than write my name in on ballot. Your vote can make a differance who gets in.

  6. It’s baffling that coned doesn’t know themselves who doesn’t have power and relies on complaints for tracking. Residents think coned knows and are left in the dark. They should be able to tell by account usage stats.

  7. All of sheepshead bay rd is still without power to the right of the train station towards emmons ave. Its ridiculous. How are businesses supposed to reopen and how are people supposed to live without power. Turn it back on already!

  8. At least they got that new light on Ave Y and East 26th street up and running and out of sync with Bedford Avenue. That’s what matters you know.

  9. I’m tired of the politicians making the electric companies whipping boys. They’re doing the best they can. And blomberg has his nerve (misspelling quite intentional). Holding back generators while blaming con Ed, can we get rid of this guy already.

  10. I also noticed Cuomo lashing out at utilities. He was saying they work for us. “They” should have been doing what was needed to be done, they were not prepared….Well I too am sorry things were out of control at first but……..

    If I hire someone I make sure they are doing their job. I have “people” that will check on my employees. My people would make sure they are prepared for the unexpected. You just do not give a company carte blanche and forget about it.
    That goes for Bloomass and Verizon also.
    BruceB. I think he iced his own cake.

  11. I am Glad;ys
    Redner of 176 Irwin Street. I need help. I have no electric power or heat . My House was badly damagd by Sandy and I need assistance to get Con ed to remove my fuse box so that I can get an electrician to instaall a new circuit breaker box. Please help me to get Con Ed to do this for me.

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