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Wine Store No Longer Opening At 1410 Cortelyou


1410 cortelyou road

Remember when there was talk about a wine store trying to move into 1410 Cortelyou Road (formerly Toy Space)?

Well, it looks unlikely to happen. There had been a liquor license application notice posted in the window, but that’s gone. And the for rent sign was taken down a couple months ago – but it’s now back up.

The New York Liquor Authority had previously stated that Kings County Wines’ license (which had been filed with the state on April 22) was pending, but now it is labeled as inactive.

So, with the rent sign back up and the liquor license application gone – what do you want to see there? We’ve had a couple neighbors email us about wanting to see an ice cream shop or a bookstore – are those things you’d like to see open? Something else?

We’ll of course keep you posted as we learn more about what may go in there. And if you have any tips, send them on over to editor@ditmasparkcorner.com.

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  1. Brick Oven Pizza is a never-ending source of interest and confusion for me. The place has been– more or less– closed for over a year, but several phases of expansion and renovation took place many months ago, and then only the back space was open occasionally, and now it doesn’t happen to have served pizza in at least a month.

    Can’t figure out what the owner is thinking. Why expand, and then close?

  2. A decent pet food/pet supply store! I think anybody who opens one up in that location will do really well. There really isn’t a good one around Ditmas Park. You gotta go to petland discounts, petco, or animal parade – those aren’t terribly far but not really in the neighborhood either. There are tons of people with pets in Ditmas Park.

  3. Terrible landlord – a problem no tenant can solve no matter how tasty the pies. It’s a shame – the specialty pies at the last iteration were easily the best on the strip.

  4. +1 I feel like an idiot buying cat food and litter online, but the local grocers don’t carry our brands.

  5. yes OMG a friend and I was just saying that with a place in back to board pets as well. outdoor space for the dogs to run around in……

  6. Not to hijack this thread but we get our pet food delivered by Vince and Marion of It’s a Dog’s World. They used to have a shop over on CIA but since it closed, Vince has been delivering to us a monthly order. Very convenient and the pricing is great. I don’t know if they do kitty litter or not. Vince can be reached at vturturice@gmail.com

  7. Italian Salumeria or ice cream/froyo please, in any open Cortelyou space. Either would do well I think…

  8. My husband and I desperately want to open a bookstore in Ditmas Park, but we just called and the rent is, as with every other place we’ve inquired, above $65/sq foot, and the space is so big that only a bar, bank, or fast food place could swing it. This is crazy. There is retail space in Manhattan going for less.

  9. You know what I REALLY want there? A gun shop. Or an adult goods store. Or anything else that will drag down property values and start making this place affordable again. Crack den?

  10. You could do a cafe/bookstore. Hybrids of that nature seem to have some success. Black Gold in Carroll Gardens is a book store/record store, and they’re hanging in there selling an even more antiquated form of media.

  11. I’ve heard that the problem with BRICK OVEN is the landlord. Maybe some community folks could come together, work with the city and anti-gentrification activists to boot the landlord and figure out a way to get the building bought by someone who lives in the neighborhood and cares about Flatbush-Ditmas Park.

  12. It would be nice, but how on earth would one boot out a landlord? I wonder though if NY Brick Oven documented any clear abuses/violations of the lease by the landlord. A quick search on the property at the NYC Dept of Buildings website turns up over two dozen violations since 2000, mostly boiler-related.

  13. A pet supply store would be nice, preferably one that’s more interested in giving you what you want than in persuading you to want what they think you should want.

    A bookstore would be nice for about 6 months. That’s about how long they’d stay in business.

    Please God, do not let it be a bodega, a hair/nail salon or a 99 cent store!

  14. I’d love to see a nut-free bakery (my daughter has allergies), but that is unlikely. Other places I’d welcome would be a nice ice cream shop, a healthy sandwich/salad quick-eats place, or a decent hair salon.

  15. I like the idea of an UrgiCare Center. The space is big enough for that!

    Great idea, flatbushfred!

  16. A real, actual italian-style non-hipster coffee/bakery/pastry shop, like Villabate on 18th Av. would be fantastic

  17. Things I would be super excited to have on the block:
    Record/book store
    Clothing(brooklyn industries is too expensive) or 2nd hand/thrift option
    Shoe store!
    A great sit down mexican place or another food option.
    A decent salon.

  18. I know the landlord is apparently a huge ass but it’s ridiculous that this huge space sits there unopened when it would be great to have for the neighborhood.

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