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Wildlife Spotting: Possum on a Porch


Possum, by coffeemob on Instagram

Sometimes people ask us if it’s weird to see wild critters that you usually associate with less urban areas roaming around our neighborhood. Nope, it’s pretty normal!

From raccoons to hawks, and yes, even the occasional possum, like this one spotted by Buck of Coffee Mob yesterday on Rugby Road, we’ve got a pretty active critter population. Our mature trees and proximity to Prospect Park are part of the reason, but we also suspect they’re attracted to the ample food supply — from overflowing trash cans to food left out for feral cats, these guys won’t starve as long as people are providing, possibly unknowingly, lots of dinner.

Have you ever spotted a possum in the area?

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  1. Yes! One visited a few years ago in the summer at night while we were showing movies in the backyard. It had beady, shiny eyes and looked way to much like a sewer rat.

  2. I see these guys ALL THE TIME around here. At first I thought I was seeing gigantic rats before I focused in. They are nice enough, I just hope idiots around here don’t pick on them.

  3. There is a family living near the trash alley on the buildings south side of Glenwood on Ocean (east) I know this because I see them and my dog is on red alert every time we pass. They seem so easy going…

  4. My cat discovered a baby possum eating his cat food in my kitchen!
    It turned out that this little cute, yes cute possum climbed in an open window and chowed down for a bit. Luckily, he also climbed out of the window.

    I have raccoons in my yard every night, eating the cat food I leave out for my feral cat community.

    And, I have seen red-tailed hawks hanging out in the trees around my yard. Probably trying to get a good raccoon/possum meal.

  5. I’ve never seen a possum in Ditmas Park, but we have a HUGE raccoon presence in our side of the neighborhood by Ocean Ave. And when I say huge, I’m referring both the number of raccoons present as well as their impressive size. They scare the hell out of us.

  6. And err yes – we almost got a raccoon on Foster and Ocean – another family also seems to be living in one of those houses there. Ive got pictures of my cat growing up hanging out with his opossum friend on the porch looking at the moon…

  7. Almost pet a possum walking by our stoop at night a few years back, as I mistook it for the friendly bodega cat. Luckily I caught myself before contact was made! We live near Avenue J…

  8. About three weeks ago I walked out of my building on Ocean Ave and scared a possum on the stoop. Maybe this very same one.

  9. I was just walking down Westminster and there were a bunch of police cars, and it turned out they weren’t there for a human criminal, but a raccoon one! By the time I got there, he was already captured, in a cat carrier, in the backseat of the cruiser, on his way to Animal Care & Control. Watch out, raccoons, the cops are onto you!

  10. Once around here… but a family of them lived in my neighborhood when I lived in Seattle. Seeing them from my porch under the sodium streetlights — seriously creepy looking.

  11. What happened to the presumption of innocence? Our friend was busted on a bogus trespass charge. We’re bringing in the papers to Animal Control showing that WE have the original lease to the place. And if that doesn’t work, we’ll bring in our lawyers. Anyway, thanks for the tip, but as long as there are humans, we will always have to watch our backs. And for the record, the possums are with us, along with the subway rats. Peace Mary. Let me know if you have any soda crackers. -Guligarto

  12. After an enormous snowstorm some years ago, we had a possum in our backyard for several weeks. They do move on eventually — a way of eluding predators. I wondered if he had wandered into Ditmas Park from those tracks that go out to Long Island. They are lovely, with those long hands.

    Raccoons have always been around.

  13. I could have petted this fearless stranger if I wanted to, he was going back for seconds, and thirds, and presumedly fourths too, surprised my boy’s as we walked to the bus-stop. several years ago I used to see dead ones in the subway tracks near DeKoven Ct. Sometimes I see bright red cardinals out back…and hawks, and praying mantis, and ants, it’s a real jungle out there. P.S., anybody read “Rascal” by Sterling North? Great book! info@coffeemob.com

  14. The North American ones are technically called Opossums, right? At least, that’s what I read at the San Diego Zoo a few weeks ago. Such a great name.

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