Ditmas Park

Damion Scott Painted East 16th Street’s New Mural


The C-Town on East 16th Street has a new mural up. What do you think?

This is the wall the Flatbush Development Corporation raised money in October to paint with kids taught by neighbor and comic book artist Damion Scott. A C-Town employee said the wall was painted “by the neighborhood” but the FDC hasn’t responded to our requests for comment and we didn’t see or hear about the painting as it went up. We’re wondering if and when neighborhood kids were involved.

Update: The mural was painted by Damion Scott over the weekend, said FDC’s Robin Redmond. The C-Town wanted something up as soon as possible to prevent the wall from being tagged and so Damion put this together after discussing his ideas with business owners in the area. It’s a temporary mural. In the spring, Damion will teach neighborhood kids a thing or two about his style of art as they put a new mural up. He’s already got a curriculum going.

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  1. The painting is great! I’m all for street art and commissioned graffiti. Sadly, there were no kids involved though.

  2. i’m ok with the no kid input I’ve seen my friend’s kids paintings on several of their fridges – not everything is precious.

  3. I love the other murals in Ditmas, and the FDC does vital work in the community, so I’m trying to come up with a forgiving interpretation such as the artist is trying to subvert stereotypes, but I’m having trouble seeing any subversion. Every time I look at it I see Speedy Gonzales and a geisha girl. I have to admit that I’m glad it’s temporary.

  4. I know some high school students who would love to be involved in painting (re-painting) the mural if that does come to pass. Teens who are aspiring artists.

  5. Better to have broken an 18-inch wide garden in the sidewalk, made a long, raised bed all along the wall except for where the cellar steps are, erected trellises, and planted shrubs or flowering vines that kids could take care of and would look nice. (Even arborvitae would be nicer-looking than a weird mural.)

    First, you solve the graffiti problem if something is growing on the wall. Second, it’s natural, and we avoid what at least some of us think is really ugly art. Third, having a vertical garden would give the kids something to take care of three seasons — it would need fertilizing, pruning, and restringing as it gets taller. In winter, you have the bark and shape against the wall.

    Simple is beautiful. But hey, it’s C-Town’s wall.

  6. FDC’s recent, aggressive use of murals as “community projects” is troubling.
    What programs are losing funding to deface these walls?

  7. Finally saw the mural in person.
    Much better designed than the Newkirk tunnel but….
    Wildly inappropriate.
    It’s becoming clear that FDC is not qualified to judge the artistic or monetary merits of murals that will affect the neighborhood for years to come.

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