Southern Brooklyn

White Picket Fence, Anyone?


A reader recently told me she moved out of Sheepshead Bay to New Jersey (shudder) because the neighborhood didn’t have any yards and white picket fences. Consider this my rebuttal.

East 19th Street between Voorhies Avenue and Jerome Avenue.

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  1. I love it. all those people who move from here to the styx of New Jersey then spend all their time trying to talk their friends into visiting them out there because they have nothing better to do. Oh yeah, every friend I've had who moved to the suburbs ends up drinking a lot more, that's what they do. Let 'em move, who needs 'em.

  2. That's funny, I didn't realize they had white picket fences in the suburbs. My big beef with what we have out here is a total LACK of fences. Good fences make good neighbors. I love where I live, but I wish I had fences. For my dog, for my kids, and in the front, for decoration.

  3. And look at the left side of the house, where there is a small extension for another entrance.

    This house, BTW, is about 110 years old. Maybe a little older even. It would be a sin to do a “gut renovation on it.

  4. why do you have to get involved so fast. couldnt you have waited for some people to start a small riot on the site before you step in to break it up. and what you mean trying to be funny if you let it go for a little it would have been hilarious.

  5. People forget, that there is nothing in the Constitution that says the pursuit of happiness, must inclucde acquiring a house with a white picket fence. Of course the house realtors and marketers would want us to think otherwise. Nonetheless, Sheepshead Bay, and its' environs is a wonderful community, and in many ways has become even nicer, with or without, our white picket fences!

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