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When Maple Lanes Closes, Shell Lanes May Get Angled Parking To Accommodate Bowlers

Source: Helena F. via Yelp

Maple Lanes, the beloved Bensonhurst bowling alley that has stood at 1570 60th Street for over four decades is due to close.

At the public hearing to discuss the status of the bowling alley and the proposed construction projects to be erected in its place, Borough President Marty Markowitz put forth several suggestions that would either keep the bowling alley open for a longer period of time or create a new bowling alley in a different location to take its place.

One such suggestion on the table deals with potential overcrowding of Shell Lanes at 1 Bouck Court in Gravesend, the only bowling alley left in the nearby area.

According to the notes from the hearing, Markowitz believes that when Maple Lanes closes, patrons may come to Shell Lanes to continue league tournaments and recreational bowling. However, Shell Lanes does not have any off-street parking to accommodate an influx of people.

Markowitz wants a study funded by the developers with the help of Community Board 15 and the Department of Transportation in order to determine the feasibility of angled parking on Shell Road, from Avenue X to the Belt Parkway.

Shell Road, which is adjacent to Shell Lanes, has a wide parking lane that Markowitz believes would work as a parking lane if instated south of Avenue X. Angled parking creates more spaces than parallel parking.

If the study finds angled parking feasible, Markowitz suggests that the developers fund its construction.

Until the study is completed, he recommends that Maple Lanes remain open so as not to overburden the areas near Shell Lanes or deprive residents of a functioning family bowling alley.

Thus far, the developers of the project have made no commitment to keep Maple Lanes open for any period of time related to a parking study. They also made no comment related to funding a parking study or how long Maple Lanes has until it is shut down for good.

Community Board 15 voted in favor of a resolution last week calling for DOT to do the feasibility’s study, at Markowitz’s request.

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  1. This is bullshit. This whole damn thing is bullshit. How the hell are they gonna fit people inside of Shell Lanes? You can fit that entire bowling alley inside of Maple Lanes!

  2. With the proper management it can turn a profit. That land is worth quite a bit to condo developers. So I believe it is a sell out.

    Excuse me, I have to start stockpiling bowling pins to sell on Ebay!

  3. I tried to sell the property a few years back only to find out that the property is already in contract to be sold to a developer. The owner of the property and i believe also the operator of the bowling alley was greedy greedy. He thought he was making a great deal with the buyer and then tried to back out of the deal to get more money. Understand he went into contract for this property at least 5 years ago and the buyer let him stay there this whole time with a great lease.

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