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“Wheelers” Returns To Being Good Ol’ “Wheeler’s”



The restaurant at 1705 Sheepshead Bay Road formerly known as Wheeler’s and then became Wheelers is now once again Wheeler’s!

Ah, Wheelers, we hardly knew ye. I mean, you only existed for three months. And, mom was probably afraid to tell you this, but you were totally an accident.

When Wheelers – er, Wheeler’s? – upgraded to a new sign and awning in November, a little snafu caused the apostrophe, which indicates this bar is the property of Wheeler and not just named Wheelers, got lost in the mix. After three months of looking for it – bam! Found it! – it was mounted yesterday, bringing us back to the name we’ve been familiar with since 1979.

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  1. finally got there last Friday; had the roast beef w/cheese on garlic bread – IT WAS SO DELICIOUS – old rock n roll music and regulars having a good time.

  2. THIS is exactly the kind of groundbreaking reporting that keeps me coming back to Sheepshead Bites. Good job Ned. I can only imagine how many times you had to make the trip to Wheeler’s to ensure that you got the scoop. I mean honestly, how much beer can one man drink?

    Alas, the time has come to move on to the next big story… perhaps Log Cabin has a new tv or something?

  3. I can finally stop phoning 311 to complain to the Grammar Police to go and make the aforementioned Wheeler establishment come around to what had been causing me oh so many sleepless nights!
    Now, if only Kellogs Corn Flakes would see the light…

  4. Ah, Log Cabin!  My favorite place in the Bay.  Where’s the article from SBites on my home away from home?  See my umm ‘review’ of it on  
    Cmon Ned, spend a Friday night there and write your pearls. 

  5. Not anymore there isn’t, Winson. My visits to Wheelers are very few and far between now because of the fact that the wanna be perps from Log Cabin are all in Wheelers now. Sad thing is Mike has a bouncer there too…isn’t he there to keep undesirables out? 

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