What’s Your Favorite Corner?


It’s been almost four years since Urban Martial Arts opened on Coney Island Avenue near Newkirk Avenue, and Carmen Sognonvi, owner and general manager, recognizes the small, but significant changes that have happened at that corner. Though the business that she and her husband Serge run has grown to encompass kickboxing classes and after-school programs, other businesses on the block haven’t had as much luck. But one thing Carmen’s noticed is that when one business goes under, another one comes in, complete with an optimistic entrepreneurial spirit.

“Even though times are tough,” she said, “I look out on this intersection, and I see all these different communities coming together, and within that, people are trying to start something new. This corner captures what I think is one of the strengths of this neighborhood.”

What’s your favorite corner in Ditmas Park? All this week, we’ll be asking neighbors about theirs–please join in the comments and share yours.

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  1. Love that corner too — and the wonderful school you’ve both built! It’s such a great asset to the community. Thank you!

  2. Hey Stephanie, thank YOU for being such a long-time supporter! Your boys were among the first students we ever had when we first got started, and it’s awesome that you’re still with us now. 🙂

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