What’s Wrong With This Picture?


Department of Sanitation Garbage Truck with Trash Cans
Spotted on Beverley Road between Coney Island Avenue and Stratford Road: A garbage truck filled with garbage cans.

We’ve certainly heard complaints about the need for more (or fewer) trash cans in our area before, and it’s good to know that our local Department of Sanitation District is responsive to either suggestion.

If you’ve got a spot that you think could use one (or, perhaps, a couple trash cans you might like to see trashed), Community Board 14 can help with your ideas and bringing the valid ones to DSNY — reach out to them at or 718-859-6357.

This is one of those sticky (literally and figuratively) issues — should we have more trash cans (which can only be placed at certain commercial corners), or should they be removed? What do you think?

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  1. This is part of the problem with dog waste on many of the neighborhood streets. Why can’t they put some cans somewhere on the corners of Dorcester and Ditmas? Not to mention many yards are also littered with food trash.

  2. I believe removing the trash cans was under the assumption that folks would respectfully take their trash home and dispose of it properly if there were no cans. This is clearly not true. Also, if the complaint is the trash cans are overflowing, then clearly we need more.

  3. Cortelyou and Newkirk should have them given that they are largely commercial in nature, not the side streets.

  4. WOOT! I was looking for a post like this.

    Last Saturday there was a brand new litter basket on our corner, Newkirk Ave & East 8th St., where the compost garden is. Hooray! Because nearly a year to the day I sent DOS a request for one:

    Then this Wednesday, it was gone!

    Not only that, there were TWO litter baskets at the corner of Newkirk and Coney Island Ave near the school/playground, and now there are NO litter baskets there.

    What’s going on here? Someone check the wrong box?

  5. An hour ago they just took all the large cans and replaced them with crappy looking ones. No tops. When it gets windy trash will be EVERYWHERE, great.

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