Park Slope

What’s On Your Reverse Bucket List?


Gowanus Canal
We tend to enjoy our neighborhood, and the city at large, best in the summer — there are so many free events to take advantage of, so many things to get out and see, all the restaurants and bars that we’ve been meaning to try since the snowy days of January. But what about all those things that you never, ever want to do?

The Times has a fun post asking for suggestions for a New York City Reverse Bucket List, things that you’d never want to do in NYC before you die, and their own list includes probably our top pick: “Take a swim in the Gowanus Canal.” But the comments have some good ones, too, like “have Con Ed turn the gas off in your building,” “eat at a froyo place,” and “bedbugs!”

So what would we never, ever want to do in Park Slope? Here are a few of ours:

  • Suffer the bruised shins of a thousand bumping scooters.
  • Drop your dry cleaning off only to return the next day to find the place is out of business.
  • Get stuck on the subway because of flooding on the N/R line along 4th Ave.
  • Get caught not having signed up your whole family at the Coop.

What would be on your list?

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