Ditmas Park

What’s Filming in Ditmas Park This Week


A film crew is set up in a house on Marlborough between Ditmas and Dorchester today, with signs that say the project/company name is “Mr. Ed Productions.” While it seems someone is actually interested in turning the Mr. Ed TV series into a movie, this doesn’t appear to be it.

Meanwhile over around Foster and Rugby, the movie Blood Ties will be filming on Thursday (watch out for the no parking signs on a few of the blocks in the area, which go into effect tomorrow, Wednesday, at 7pm). The ’70s-set crime thriller is directed by Guillaume Canet and stars Clive Owen and Mila Kunis, who were seen canoodling in character elsewhere in Brooklyn earlier this week.

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  1. Some assisint from Blood Ties came to our house to scout for locations a few months back. She passed along all her info and just as she was about to pitch, I told her she could shoot, park, setup wherever she wanted and do whatever she wanted and in return all I wanted was an “associate producer” credit. I didn’t think it was too much to ask for but alas we never heard back from her.

  2. Why would they give you that credit for providing a location? You get a fat check and a thanks. They can’t give producer credits out to every location

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