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What Would You Like To See In Two Spaces At 86 5th Avenue That Are For Rent?


Commercial Spaces For Rent: 86 5th Avenue
Two neighboring storefronts at 86 5th Avenue, between St Marks Place and Warren Street, are waiting for tenants as they sit for rent.

One, pictured above on the right, is the former home to The Chocolate Room, which is currently operating a pop-up space next door as they get closer to opening in their future home up the street at 51 5th Avenue. The 900-square-foot space is listed for $7,000 per month. For more info, call Baring Reality at 718-441-0900.

The other, pictured on the left, has been empty for a while, and recently underwent renovations that briefly revealed an old grocery sign above the door. To learn more about the storefront, contact the owner at 347-419-7448.

Close to Barclays and a number of subway lines, this stretch seems to have a lot of potential for booming business, though high rental prices may make that more difficult. As someone who lives, works, or visits this stretch regularly, what kind of businesses do you think are needed, and think can hopefully make it here?

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  1. Don’t we have enough boutiques, cafes, and restaurants? How about something that is actually useful to those that live in the neighborhood, like a real stationary store that sells regular stuff like pens, copy paper, envelopes, tape. Or a used book store, that sells real paper books, not those electronic gadgets. Or a store that sells appliances for the home, clocks, crockpots, electric ovens, or a furniture store…

  2. Lion In The Sun on 7th is a real stationary store and I doubt another stationary store would do a lot of business (too much of a computerized world).. J&R Appliances on 7th sells all those appliances you mentioned, and Tarzian Housewares does sell some of them too. We have had used book stores galore and they always sadly end up closing their doors. 🙁

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