What To Do About Sidewalks That Haven’t Been Shoveled


Snowy Sidewalk by aleph78 on Instagram

We’ve now inched into the top 10 snowiest winters on record, and all that snow is taking a toll on pedestrians in some areas. You know those uncleared sections of sidewalk by now, the ones you cross the street to avoid, or creep over carefully trying not to wipe out. But aside from filing a complaint with 311 (which you can do today if the sidewalk hasn’t been cleared by 11am), which may result in a ticket (and/or possible jail time), what can you do?

Community Board 6 wants to help. In its recent newsletter, CB6 recommends contacting its office, and its staff will track down property owner information, reach out to them, and determine if they need assistance in clearing their walks, because they know that getting to all that snow and ice may be difficult for absentee, elderly, and physically-challenged property owners, for instance.

“If a property owner is jailed for failing to remove snow from their sidewalk, who will shovel the snow?” they write. “The City won’t.”

You can reach the CB6 office at 718-643-3027, x204.

Photo by adelph78

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  1. I think the city needs to look not only enforce by ticketing, they should look to changing the deadline for shoveling. Too many lazy, inconsiderate jerks out there. Ex. the block between 6th & 7th ave on 7th street is one of the worst! Not only that, it is one of the blocks many kids take to get to PS39. Those owners should be ashamed of themselves!!!

  2. The easier solution would be to send out crews (of contractors) with an agent. If your sidewalk isnt cleared by 11 – Here’s your ticket AND here is your bill for the shoveling. A ticket does nothing for the 70yr old man stuck in his house cause every walk risks a deadly hip break

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