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Infographic: What Are The Busiest Subway Stops?


Visual News created a cool new graphic of the busiest subway stops in New York. I took a slice of the map to show you our area, which compared to Manhattan, is comparatively light.

Predictably, Times Square is the busiest station, averaging 182,170 riders, followed by Grand Central, 34 St-Herald Square, 14 St-Union Square and 34 St Penn Station.

Based on Visual News’s chart, the Sheepshead Bay and Brighton Beach station sees about 10 to 19,000 riders per day. Bensonhurst stops are comparable to Sheepshead Bay. Interesting stuff.

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  1. The MTA is studying bringing back the F express, although it is very doubtful that will happen. They have already decided before the study began that there will not be an F express between Church Avenue and Kings Highway. But doesn’t it seem logical that so many people who could use the F are using the Brighton line just because there is no F express? The F wouldn’t be so lightly used.

  2. I ride the Q line from time to time on Saturdays and the trains are as crowded as weekday rush hours. The T.A. should really think about adding B service on at least Saturdays if not the entire weekend. Also, my sarcastic thanks to the Q conductor on Friday night at 10pm who closed the doors on us B train transferees at Kings Highway as we pulled into the station. We got to wait for the next Q, which arrived 12 minutes later. Great service, very considerate, thanks for nothing.

  3. It may not be crowded enough for a long enough period during the day to warrant express service all day long. If they do traffic checks during the summer, weeeend ridership is probably even higher then and they should know that. Maybe it is warranted in the summer, but I doubt it is warranted other times.

    Guess I was lucky, but the Q conductor reopened the doors just for me on a recent Sunday, after I had given up and was resigned to wait. I waved to thank him.

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