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Sheepshead Bay #2 Neighborhood In Brooklyn For Raising Kids

Source: richiebits/Flickr

Take that 30-something Park Slope stroller mommies! Sheepshead Bay kicks your ass when it comes to raising children, if you believe the study done by the Citizen’s Committee for Children of New York.

According to a News 12 Brooklyn Report, Sheepshead Bay ranked second in Brooklyn neighborhoods, behind Bay Ridge and just ahead of snooty Park Slope.

The study weighed factors that positively impact a child’s well being including the adult employment rate, median income and levels of child poverty.

But not included in the study is the fact that we’ve also got great parks, a strong school district and a slew of kids-related services. Are you a parent? What makes Sheepshead Bay so great for child-rearing?

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  1. Interesting, what makes the neighborhood good is proximity to the ocean, aquarium and playgrounds that are plentiful. Lots of high quality day care centers that are priced far below what people in Park Slope/Brooklyn Heights etc… pay, several good public schools. Things that suck in the neighborhood are: blocks where several construction sites sit unfinished and have disrupted life as it was when people move, and no one takes their place, plus added trash and general unsightliness. Bites plays an important role in creating a community spirit, and shares family events, but it would be nice if there was some sort of parent subgroup/listserve sort of thing for families to make it an even better community. As an English speaker who doesn’t subscribe to any religious affiliation the community vibe is hard to come by, but I guess that’s typical for my generation raising a family in any city.

  2. “if you believe the study done by the Citizen’s Committee for Children of New
    York.” — and that’s a HUGE if!

  3. I completely agree with beginablarp regarding the lack of community vibe. A lot of immigrants make up SB and they tend to keep to their own group and not as open to “outsiders” so it’s hard to get a community sense when you are English speaking. Maybe it’s because I grew up in Bay Ridge and I didn’t realize the importance of community until I moved away and started my own family. I would love it if there was a parent subgroup/listserve for families. I belong to a few Bay Ridge ones since I tend to go there for after school programs for my daughter so I guess I get jealous of all the family oriented events going on there.

  4. Come July (after the Sandy blackout) the #2 neighborhood in Brooklyn will be having a baby boom……maybe next year Sheepshead Bay will be #1!

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