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Welcome To The Neighborhood, Newkirk Fruit!


Newkirk Fruit Newkirk Plaza photo by Liena Newkirk Fruit (17 Newkirk Plaza) opened its doors today, and neighbors will get a chance to try its fruit smoothies, bubbles teas, and milkshakes at 50 percent off during its grand opening sale that lasts through Monday, July 7.

For $2.50 (thanks to the sale), we tried a large banana strawberry smoothie today and can confirm it was super yummy – no doubt we’ll be plodding through July’s humidity to go to this great addition to the plaza.

Newkirk Fruit Newkirk Plaza photo by Liena Newkirk Fruit Newkirk Plaza shake photo by Liena

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  1. That is really great– Newkirk Plaza really benefits from having a more diverse collection of restaurants and shops to patronize. And the summer temperatures cry out for bubble tea!! Thanks for the news.

  2. Looks nice, and I’m hopeful it will contribute positively to the neighborhood. I’ve been wanting shops to improve in the plaza for a while. The name is super creative, I wonder who was hired to plan for the unique naming of the place.

  3. Wait, what exactly is creative about “Newkirk Fruit Inc.” for a place that sells fruit and fruit smoothies?

  4. I might stop by for a milkshake. Smoothies gross me out. Something about the yogurt, which gives it the consistency of….well, nevermind.

  5. Actually was thinking it must be the worst name I’ve seen in my life and the interior looks like a bit of thought was put into it…

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