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Welcome To Hell: Voorhies Home Gets A Makeover


Screw Red Hook and Real World, and screw Jersey Shore and their shore house. I think we just found our shooting location for Sheepshead Shore.

We received a number of e-mails and photos about this building at East 18th Street and Voorhies Avenue. Apparently, unhappy tenants got tired of airing their grievances to the landlord about the bed bugs, and now they’ve made it public. I’ve seen “Welcome to Hell” painted on the building several times over the years.

Does anyone know what the deal with this house is? I’ve heard it was a halfway house or some other sort of institutional housing, while others have told me it’s a boardinghouse for illegal immigrants. That’s a “For Rent” sign on the column, so that may nix the first idea, and – awful as it sounds – the grammar is a little too good to be done by ESL residents.

This has always been one of my favorite houses in Sheepshead Bay, if only for the big mystery it presents and its film noir grittiness. I mean, come on, can’t you just imagine the drama, the drugs, the sex, the murder that tiny, cold door?

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  1. PLease please please invastigate!!! I pass by this house every day and cant nevr know what the deal is. Need the scoop! lol

  2. i heard that there is going to be a movie filmed in the house called “Psycho in the BAY” starring some guy named Ned who is trying to escape from the area where the movie is taking place and kills anyone that gets in his way.

  3. there are two identical houses next to each other. the one on the left is occupied by a Spanish-speaking family (ies) while the other one serves as a dormitory to Russian work-and-study exchange students in summer time. both houses look like they are about to fall apart. several years ago the owner of one of these structures attempted to sell it for an outrageous amount but soon gave up on the idea as there were no takers.

  4. It's very sad for those who have to live there and for the property owners, nearby. The owner looks like he or she needs some help with their decaying house.

  5. A year back I noticed a lot of construction workers going in and out of the place. It seemed they were renovating. The house has character in its own right in spite of the characters living within and without. It needs a whole lotta love. I know the cats love it.

    It would be a damn shame to see it torn down and turned into another despicable condo. Maybe the readers of Sheepshead Bites should take up a collection and buy it for Ned to set up his headquarters in. Sheepshead Shore is appropriate considering it's proximity to the Bay.

  6. Although this is far less exciting than Local's comment, I'll reply to it anyway 😉

    The house occupied by the Latino family has never been a real problem that I'm aware of. Yes, the house is in need of a new paint job and some yardwork, but the house and its people have never bothered anyone. The other one, though, appears to be a consistent problem when it comes to graffiti, garbage, loitering and general ne'er-do-well-ism. I've seen a lot of people in that house over the years, and I would never guess they were Russian exchange students. You sure about this?

  7. First off, awesome photo.

    Second: I agree. This house has a lot of character and should be saved from the condo-istas.

    Third: I agree again. My readers should buy me a house. It doesn't have to be that one (though I wouldn't mind), but any house in Sheepshead Bay will do.

  8. Trailers for sale or rent
    Rooms to let…fifty cents.
    Ah, but..two hours of pushin' broom
    Buys an eight by twelve four-bit room

  9. A few summers ago, there were Russian students that stayed over summer to work. Now its a mixute of Latino and Russian ppl of all ages.

  10. Hey Ray! According to Ned, a real young ball, we must both be telling our ages with that song. It's so appropriate.

  11. Very nice. My relative has a studio in Manhattan and does some awesome work with a whole staff of artists. They use so many layers of effect. Have you used stencils and gold leaf? I have seen it on black and white portraits with color add to a flower in the subjects hair, cheeks, mouth and eyes. Sorta looks antique.

  12. Do you remember all the Queen Ann houses on Emmons Ave? I think there is one or 2 left. Most also were boarding houses until the were burned down. Quite a few were burned if I remember correctly.

  13. It depends on a number of factors. But what is significant here is that the house has probably not been significantly altered, that it dates back to when Sheepshead Bay was resort village, and that it might have been a hotel. I'm looking into these things now.

  14. I knew someone who used to live in that use years ago, i was invited there a few times to smoke a bowl and play Street Fighter- in more recent years i noticed and slew of immigrants coming in and out the place, some of them being pretty hot J1's. As far as i know, and and i seen this monstrosity, the land lord clearly doesn't give a rats ass about this rat hole. Its an eye sore in an otherwise beautiful community in proud to call myself a resident of- 11235 representing.

  15. I knew someone who used to live in that house years ago-i was invited there from time to time to smoke a bowl and play some old fashion Street Fighter. All sort of bums from the hood stayed there at one point or another- guess the land lord wasn't too inquisitive and didn't ask for the usual (W2 and 2 latest pay stubs plus a credit check or any of that other crap like a DNA test that they ask for these day the rent a fucking studio). But i digress- In more recent years i observed a slew of immigrants coming in and out this dump, some of them being pretty hot J1's mind you- Anyway, the rat hole is an eye sore on an otherwise beautiful community that I'm proud to be a resident of- 11235 representin.

  16. I'm not very happy with it's proximity to the school. I'm sure tons of kids pass this place on their way to school everyday. It's a shame.

  17. The Teets family were early residents. M. Teets owned the Oriental House, one of the popular hotels on the Bay.

    BTW, the Doody family was already in the Bay, right on Jerome Avenue near East 18th Street is a parcel they owned. They hadn't built on it yet, it seems.

  18. In the early 70's it was a boarding house. My friends Steve and John (both now deceased, may they rest in peace) used to live there. I was up there once, it had one bathroom for all the rooms and a toilet with the tank up high on the wall and a pull chain!!

  19. A girl who lived in that house was a client at my job a few years ago. The owner rents it out by bed, with many in a room and she told us the conditions inside were terrible. Not all of them are students, some are just here illegally.

  20. It's a shame that either you have outrageously high rentals or condos in this neighborhood that no one but the Empress Katherine can afford or down in the mouth dwellings such as this one. If it were only spruced up and turned into perhaps a community center or decent clean AFFORDABLE housing than it wouldn't be such a problem for some. But, nooo.. There are those here that would only want this neighborhood for themselves and their well heeled relations.

  21. This morning the electricity blew out in my apartment. 7:00 a.m. to be precise. The only power we have is in the kitchen. As you can imagine I am none too happy about this development.

    This house makes me feel much better about my situation. Thank you.

  22. There's almost always someone worse off than we. Even the unfortunate people here have a roof over their head. It's the poor homeless I really feel for right now.

    Hopefully your electrical problems are short term.

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