Update: Con Ed Investigates ‘Stray Voltage’ On E 18th Street & ‘Everything Is OK’


Con Ed shock warning 1

Updated Friday, 9:15am: We spoke to a spokesman from Con Edison this morning, who told us that the company was investigating “stray voltage coming from a lamp post” on E 18th Street (between Ditmas and Dorchester), and the area is safe for everyone to walk through. Yesterday, Con Ed had roped off the spot, asking that walkers do not enter the site.

Con Ed shock warning 2

Additionally, we asked Con Ed about the vehicle in the roped off area because we wondered what a neighbor should do if they find their car in such a situation.

“The vehicle you saw we refer to as a ‘sitter,'” the spokesman said. “We put someone there so no one else parks there. They sit there to make sure the general public doesn’t go near there.”

After officials tested the site, the spokesman said “everything was OK” and the area is now free of the cones and caution tape.

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