Watch Out For Milling & Paving Along Local Streets


Road Work on Carroll
The season for roadwork is back upon us, and the Department of Transportation will be in our area this week doing some milling and paving on local streets.

According to this week’s schedule, they’ll be milling the following streets:

Monday, April 28: 4th Street from Prospect Park West to 6th Avenue

Tuesday, April 29-Thursday, May 1: 6th Street from Prospect Park West to 4th Avenue

Road Work on St Johns
However, we’ve also noticed work underway on Carroll Street at 4th Avenue, and on St Johns Place at 7th Avenue. So just be careful as you’re driving or biking out there, and watch out for ‘no parking’ signs.

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  1. They never got to 4th Street on Monday, Too bad locals did not know in advance so we didnt have to move cars by 6 AM.

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