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Want Trader Joe’s In Sheepshead Bay? Sign A Petition!

Source: Smallbones via Wikimedia Commons

A petition was launched to bring organic specialty food store chain Trader Joe’s to Sheepshead Bay via ipetition.

If you are sick of traveling to Trader Joe’s Atlantic Avenue and Manhattan locations, sign the petition and maybe you can experience the joys of standing in incredibly long checkout lines so you can sample a taste of Joe’s nut pie. Mmm.

Of course, it’s not the first time residents have demanded a Trader Joe’s. After the Pathmark at 3785 Nostrand Avenue shuttered, residents pined for Trader Joe’s in the comments section on this site. Instead, they got the businesses quirky little sister Aldi, which is slated to open as the first Brooklyn location this October.

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  1. Does whoever started this petition seriously believe that if enough people sign it Trader Joes Corporate Office will see it and says ‘Hmm..let’s open up a store in Sheepshead Bay’?

    Big companies like Trader Joe’s have much more advanced and technical ways to determine if opening a store somewhere will bring them the level of profit they’re looking for. This petition is useless.

    Trader Joe’s is a for-profit business. They’re not going to open a store out of the kindness of their heart just because a few people demand it with a petition.

  2. It will be more than a few people, and trust me they will see it. Like you said, it’s not kindness, it’s profit. There is money in these here hills.
    And PS. The lines in TJ’s move real fast with cashiers that actually smile when they take your money. And helpful, a person can’t ask for better employees.
    PLEASE even if ya’ think it wont help sign the damn petition.

  3. Trader Joe’s would be nice, but let’s give this Aldi’s a chance. I have been hearing good things about them and hopefully, they will sell national brands. All I know is Stop and Shop needs to get it’s act together again. The lower parking area entrance land always seems unkempt, and have you noticed the increased security, since Sandy?! And some of the new clientele?! Oy!!!

  4. Isn’t Trader Joe’s a hipster magnet? Of course, the best way to lure such enterprises is to have a more pseudo-sophisticated and demographically viable clientele, so we may have to compromise and accept some fly-over riff raff in exchange for more trendy shopping choices.

  5. I do buy my dogs food from there, it’s all she eats. Bench and Field, it’s 10 bucks at TJ’s and double anywhere else. Even online it cost several dollars more.

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