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Want T-Shirts? Have Photos Of Grillin’ On The Bay? Read This!


Happy Sunday, everybody! We’re preparing a little wrap-up piece from Grillin’ On The Bay for tomorrow, which will have plenty of photos and videos we didn’t get to use in our live blog. If you’ve got photos or videos you’d like to see on the website, shoot them over to nberke [at] sheepsheadbites [dot] com.

Since the event, we’ve been getting tons of e-mails and calls for t-shirts. We sold out at the event – thanks to everyone who picked one up! – and are going to place another order in the next few days. The online price is $16.95 plus S&H ($3.00). If you want one, send an e-mail with “T-SHIRT” in the subject line to nberke [at] sheepsheadbites [dot] com right away! Sizes available from extra small to XXXL.


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  1. Seeing Ned in all his promoting glory was pretty cool. He was shaking hands, kissing babies and pimping t-shirts like no one business. The T’s btw look good. However the best thing about Sheepshead Bites booth was that petite, dark hair girl who was helping Ned out. She is really fine. If I was a judge I would pick her as a winner instead of mouthwatering slab of ribs.

  2. First of all ned the shirts were $15 at the event. How the bloody hell are you gonna charge $17?, and $3 for shipping? who do you think you are!

    and second. who was that pretty girl in the booth?

  3. 15$ was an introductory discount at a special event. As for shipping and handling, when you bought it at the event there was no shipping or handling was there?

  4. Can I suggest meeting Ned at one of the community meetings to pick up a T in person? Is that doable Ned?
    BTW, I need 2 lg. and 1 med.

  5. Still for a crappy $17 T-shirt i expect Ned to drive it to my house!. Pssh hes just trying to make money off us. If i see him at the next community meeting i will give him a piece of my mind!

  6. I won’t deny it, I’m a troll by blood not relation.
    But she really was fine, standing there in her extra small yellow t-shirt and warm scarf around her neck. In the crowd she looked like jasmine flower, gently bobbing in the sea of black and gray coats.

  7. No need to be cheap here. It is not about a t-shirt it’s about helping Ned and his underlings out. Where will you go if this site will go down? Where will I troll? Pay the stinking $20 and say, “Thank you Ned for keeping some kind of community going on Sheepshead Bay.”

  8. As the proud owner of a shiny new SheepsheadBites T I can say its worth every penny. Not only are you helping support a site we all spend half the day refreshing, but that fish looks pretty damn cool.

    As for the pretty girls… Ned looked like he had a few of them that day. Kind of like booth babes at a convention. The tall girl walking around live blogging was something to look at as well. Go Ned!

  9. First of all, Arthur nailed it. The signs at the event said “today only” and that’s because it was a promotional price.

    Second, yes, I’m trying to make money off of you. Sheepshead Bites is my full time job and if you think it pays well, you’re fooling yourself. That money goes to supporting the site and keeping it going. If you don’t think SBites gives you $20 worth of news, fine.

    For anyone who really wants a shirt but has trouble coming up with the $17, get in touch with me privately. Times are tough all around, and I wouldn’t deprive anyone the glory of wearing one of our t-shirts. Send me an e-mail, and we’ll figure something out.

    As for the shipping and handling, take it up with the post office. I don’t drive, so I’m not delivering them. I’ll waive it if you want to meet me at a community meeting.

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