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Waldbaum’s Shopping Carts Now Require Quarter Deposits


Here’s some hard-hitting news for you: Waldbaum’s at 3100 Ocean Avenue now requires a 25-cent deposit to use their shopping cart, reports reader nolastname.

Nolastname asked management about the development, and they said that too many shopping carts have been stolen recently. But nolastname has her own thoughts on the topic:

“$.25 is not going to stop someone from stealing a wagon that is worth a couple hundred,” she wrote to us. “I figure one or more high end cars got scratched/dented and are suing Wally World for not keeping the wagons contained.”

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  1. I fucking despise people who leave the shopping cart in the parking area after they unload their groceries. Is it so fucking hard to take 30 seconds to bring the shopping cart back to the fucking shopping cart area?  

  2. Stop and Shop tried this a long time ago when they were Edwards or Finast and went back to the free carts.

  3. “Nolastname” is 100% correct. If someone wants to steal a cart, 25 cents is not going to stop them. All this does is inconvenience customers. I don’t always have change on me. Does that mean I can’t shop there? What an idiotic idea. 

  4. The Waldbaum’s in GeorgeTown has the carts with wheels that lock if they pass a certain point in the parking lot. That seems like a good idea to contain the theft.

  5.  Why even spend 25 cents? Just wait around the parking lot area for someone to unload their groceries and take the cart when they’re done (shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes, people go in and out of the store all day long). Free once again!

  6. I lost a quarter as a result of this scam the other day. Everyone I noticed unloading their groceries from the cart experienced difficulties in getting their quarter back, because you have to hitch the key from a separate cart into the lock on your cart, and things don’t always go as planned. In my case, I couldn’t get the trunk of my cart into the belly of another one, and the chain to which the key is attached was not long enough to reach the lock of my cart. I am not a big fan of this new policy. And Waldbaum’s owes me a quarter.

  7. Dumb, dumb, dumb! They will surely lose business. There are better, more consumer friendly ways to cut the cart losses.
    That store is behind the times and doesn’t even have self-service checkouts. I’d like to give a quarter to the store manager and tell him to call home and tell them he might be out of work in a few months!

  8. Why would anyone shop in that filthy place? 

    Between the filth and the fact that they regularly hi-jack people’s cars with a crook towing company who ransoms cars back to their owners for $250, it is beyond me why anyone with a choice would willingly go there.

  9. Speaking of Stop and Shop……Keep an eye on the register when you check out. In the last two weeks three sale items have scanned at a higher price. When this happens make sure you let the cashier know you are entitled to the item for free. Between the three items i think I saved about 10 bucks. Sweet!

  10. Do you ever get it for free? They just tell me to see customer service and fter waiting ten minutes, I’m lucky if I even get the sale price. Most of the time they put the wrong items next to the sale sign so if you don’t check the fine print you think it’s on sale and it isn’t.

    This one really takes the cake. One time my bill was over $200 and I didn’t think I spent that much. Turned out the scanner charged me $80 instead of $8 for a pack of toilet paper! Always check your bill before you leave the store.

  11. I hate that store and stopped going there years ago. Once I went in at midnight when they were open that late and I still had to wait 15 minutes on line. That did it for me.

  12. Never bugged me. Preferred it to the wheels that locked if you went past a certain point, because someone would manage to get it near the good ones, and you’d be stuck.  But then, I lived on 17th right across the street, so I never bought too much at once, never took the food to a car.

  13. They revived that again. And a number of carts become unusable because people have to roll them past the store to get to cars they park at meters on East 17th Street. Why they do that I do not know, they’re metered spots.

  14.  I’m not too sure that they work anymore. The last time I was there, there was a lone wagon sitting outside the parking lot on the Avenue Y side. And it had those sensors on the wheels.

  15. Regarding those self service checkouts. I have to admit I’d rather they didn’t have them. Since Stop and Shop had them installed I think maybe once all 4 worked. Every other time at least one and usually two are out of service and the ones that do work barely take cash. I’d rather let someone have a job and make a salary then deal with non working self checkouts. I admit I never really use the carts since I just shop for myself half the time but I can see why the quarter thing is an annoyance.

  16. It’s the guy in the brown SUV calling in the cars. 
    I go to all of the stores in our area. At this time especially I look for items on sale. Oil goes up all your plastic and aluminum goes up everything goes up. So if Waldbaums or any other store has canned vegetables 3 for a buck or Charmin on sale I will be there.
    If you think the back rooms in your supermarket are different go use the customer/employee restrooms or look in the shipping area. Give me a break.

  17. They are also giving a “double back your money” on things like meat. I bought some pork ribs that look great but when I opened it I almost fell over from the stink,,,,They gave me double my money back.

  18. Ditto for the self serves at Wal Marts on Rt. 110 in Farmingdale. They have 4 robot cashiers but usually only 2 are working. Bring back Robbie the Robot or the tin can who used to yell “Danger Will Robinson”   Just think, we wont have these problems in the 21st Century.  

  19. I went to shop at Waldbaum’s earlier this week but was unaware of the store’s new shopping cart procedure. Because I  didn’t have a quarter with me, I couldn’t do my shopping. You’d think the store would have the courtesy of announcing its new shopping cart procedure in advance or would install a machine that makes change. I guess that’s just too much to ask of store as poorly managed as this one.
    The store recently replaced its long-time manager. I don’t see any improvement. Express check-out lines are inexplicably slower than regular lines. Advertised specials are routinely unavailable. Prices for inferior produce and other items are outrageous. I would never shop in this store if I didn’t live within short walking distance.

  20. What’s to stop thieves from pulling up in a van and loading it up with a bunch of  shopping carts? At a quarter a pop, that’s a good rate of return on your investment. 

  21. I don’t know his name, the white haired man, was the calmest store manager I ever saw. Really a nice man. What you said about the produce is so true. I can’t understand why they can’t keep the prices down or at least meet the prices of the produce markets.

  22. The lovely white haired man’s name is Mr. Henry.  I will miss not seeing him
    in Waldbaums.  

  23. I use the self scanner whenever possible and yes I always get it for free.  If the order has ben completed then they’ll tell you go to to the courtesy desk but if the order is still open then it’s done on the checkout line.

  24. It’s a sign of the times that even shopping wagons are being stolen. And half the people commenting are saying what a good deal it is for a quarter.  There’s no longer even a stigma to being a criminal. How sad.

  25. It’s all S.B.’s fault for making shopping carts so damn sexy looking in those photos.

    I have to control myself from kidnapping them and bringing them home every time I go shopping!

  26. Yes you are correct & it did not work out they busted half of them. It was a mess.
    People in this city just don’t care. Quaters got stuck in the slots, then they would bend out of shape. A real headach for the maintiance people that work there.

  27. Now this is a bright consumer. Also keep in mind if an itam is marked wrong on the shelve you get it for that price. If the itam was on sale the week before and was not changed oh well to bad more change in our pockets. You still get it for the sale price.

  28. They will page maintiance to unlock the cart. But remember they could be anywhere in the store. roof, cleaning bathrooms, bottle room, sometime there is one person sometime 2.

  29. There are 2 size carts the old ones are a little smaller & the newer ones are a little larger. lol

  30. They are not metered spots. They put meters in about ten years ago but removed them in a month after complaints.

  31. I find Waldbaums to be the priciest supermarket around which is why i rarely shop there unless these is a sale on items i regularly use. My least favorite supermarket is Food Basics but they carry many items that are substantially cheaper than Waldbaums and Stop and shop so i grit my teeth and make a trip over there once  a week. I don’t know what bothers me more about that place, Spanish being spoken on the loud speaker or the fact that you can’t take your cart directly to your car.

  32. Basics opens early. That’s the only time to shop there. This week it’s Turkey Hill and grapes at Basic!

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  34. I love this idea. It’s working at the Save A Lot. Some people are lazy and feel entitled. They just don’t give a shit. How much effort does it really take to at LEAST move the cart out of the way so they next person can park without having to get out and move it? Shopping plaza parking lots revels the worst in people. They park in fire lanes, dump thier ash trays on the ground next to the car when there is a trash can RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE STORE. Take handicap spaces with no permit, park sideways across 3 spaces so their car wont get dinged then leave thier cart behind the car next to them…It’s lame folks.  Just LAZY..

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