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Waiting for the Snow


blizzard via gothamist

At the moment the whole Nemo situation is looking more wet and grey than white and fluffy, but according to forecasts, we could get up to 10 inches of snow by the time this storm is finished tomorrow afternoon. We’ll keep you posted if there are important updates throughout the day, but for now, here’s what to expect:

FORECAST: We’re currently under a blizzard warning, which means heavy snow and strong winds that will make driving dangerous. Also watch out for possible falling tree limbs. It looks like a mix of snow and rain until around 6 p.m., but at the height of the storm, we could see 1-2 inches accumulate per hour.

PARKING: Alternate side of the street parking is suspended through Sunday, but you still have to feed the muni-meter.

SUPPLIES: Local grocery stores are open and busy. The Park Slope Food Coop is reporting a “very crowded…storm-prep heavy volume kind of day” and are looking for extra hands. At last visit, Tarzian Hardware was still stocked with rock salt. If you’re feeling restless later tonight and feel like venturing out, The Gate, Brooklyn Central, and Union Hall are among the bars/restaurants that are staying open.

TRANSIT: The MTA has been prepping its fleet of snow and ice-busting equipment, but note that we could face changes to local service. With 5 or more inches of snow,they warn that B service could end early, and that the Q could run express. They also recommend you leave work early (snow day!).

ROADS: The Department of Sanitation is prepared for the storm, but that doesn’t mean you should be out driving if you don’t have to. Visibility may be near zero at times. If you get stuck, and you’re blocking a plow’s path, the city says you’ll be towed at your own expense. You can track plowing progress online here.

SANITATION: At the moment, trash collection scheduled for Saturday has not been cancelled.

SNOW REMOVAL: Are you, or do you know, an industrious and strong young person who wants to shovel your neighbor’s sidewalk? Feel free to start up suggestions with contact info in the comments. The city also has a volunteer matching program.

SLEDDING: When it’s safe to do so, lace up your snow boots and head to Prospect Park. Three noteworthy spots include the hill near the Tennis House at the 9th Street entrance, the Nethermead, and behind the Picnic House near the 3rd Street entrance.

PICTURES: If you take any photos of the storm, tag them on Instagram with #slopeblizzard, and we’ll put together a rotating, constantly updating slideshow! You can also email pics to or add them to the Flickr group, and we’ll post them when we’re done sledding.

Keep the blizzard fun and check out NYC Office of Emergency Management’s tips on staying safe and warm. If you do go out into the storm, layer up! See you in the park.

Photo credit Jim Roberts via Gothamist

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