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Vittoria Seafood And Grill To Replace Jumpin’ Bean At 3081 Emmons Avenue



Just a few short months after the closure of Jumpin’ Bean at 3081 Emmons Avenue, a new lease has been signed that will see Vittoria Seafood & Grill take over the commercial property.

We’re told Vittoria will be opened by the people behind La Trattoria Ristorante Italiano, a long-established staple at 2811 Avenue U. We expect Vittoria will focus on Italian-style seafood and steaks, a departure from the pasta and parmigiana at La Trattoria.

One hopes they’ll have better luck than its two predecessors, Jumpin’ Bean, which closed in October after just six months in operation, and Marmaris, a Turkish seafood restaurant that closed in late-2011 or early-2012.

Best wishes to Vittoria! We can’t wait to give it a taste.

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  1. Taking bets on the 12-months over/under on this one.

    This building will need someone who really knows what they are doing and can execute to turn it around. So far quite a few have failed.

  2. Unlike Jumpin’ Bean, the owners of La Trattoria have a wealth of experience running a restaurant locally. I fear a bigger problem is just the location itself – on the east end of Emmons with no on-site parking. The last successful restaurant there, the Chinese place, at least had other businesses in the area to rely on… but these days it’s fairly quiet over there.

  3. What they really need is somebody who is great at marketing and can generate enough buzz to get people in the door without relying on other businesses (and a quality product of course).

    If only there was some kind of local blog with a dedicated community and food-related events that they can sponsor…

    As a side note, I recently got a very reasonable quote (he even dropped $10 off the original quoted price) from the new CPR place after reading about it here.

  4. Since I like La Tratoria, will definitely try this one. I don’t see why a restaurant there can’t make a go of it. I remember Castle Harbor being pretty successful for a long time. I will definitely be there.
    We went to that Jumping Bean soon after it reopened after Sandy. It was not good, and I don’t often speak badly of restaurants, my standards are very low and easy. I thought maybe it was because we were there so soon after the storm. But I never got back there to try it again.

  5. The location never hurt business for Maria’s. It’s been a very long time since there was a (new) Italian seafood restaurant on Emmon’s Avenue. I’m looking forward to it.

  6. I miss Castle Harbor, I loved that place … even when I was a kid. I didn’t live in Sheepshead then, but I recall my parents throwing one of my grandparents’ 50th Anniversary parties there, in 1981.
    My sorority had a party there in the 90’s …
    I used to love just going there for their lunch specials, although I frequently thought of the lunch crowd as ‘altercocker central’. I think of all the old restaurants that used to exist in Sheepshead Bay, that Castle Harbor was my favorite (Star of China was pretty good, as well).

  7. I was looking for a new place to eat at around Emmons avenue and came across Vittoria seafood & grill. All I can say is wow! It was a very nice calm beautiful restaurant. To top it off the food and service were great! Reasonable prices and great quality of food, I recommend everyone to go out and check this place out. These people seem like they know what they’re doing.

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