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Vittoria Seafood And Grill Now Open On Emmons Avenue



To say we’re late with this news would be an understatement. Vittoria Seafood and Grill opened a week before A Taste of Sheepshead Bay in January, so my mind was elsewhere and I forgot to report it. But, alas, Vittoria is here, it’s open, and so far I’m hearing good things.

Located at 3081 Emmons Avenue, Vittoria replaces Jumpin’ Bean, which closed in October. It’s owned by one of the former partners of the Avenue U staple La Trattoria, which he left to launch the new eatery, as well as a colleague one of the former partners of OPM further down Emmons.

Have you been to Vittoria? What did you think?

Correction: The second partner in the venture was not a partner in OPM, as previously reported.

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  1. Former partner at OPM? No thank you, I’ll be taking my business elsewhere. OPM’s partners make terrible neighbors and significantly disrupt the area around them. La Trattoria I can’t say anything too bad about but it was recently cited for rodents (but so did ~40% of the restaurants in SHB).

  2. thank you. i wanted to say the same thing, but felt mean. I actually have been looking forward to going to Vittoria until i read this article. i was hoping that the demise of OPM and top bgr would be the last we saw of those guys.

  3. If it is as good as what is considered, Beethoven’s, “Tenth Symphony”, I think my wife and I will go?! If anyone get’s that, I’ll be impressed?!!! For now, Liman, probably gets my vote, for the Seafood stuff, though I still have an emptiness, for Lundy’s, before they made a weak, and embarrassing attempt to resurrect it about fifteen years ago!

  4. I don’t know anything about OPM, but I did eat at Vittoria twice. We were a party of 8 the day after it opened, the food was good but the service was painfully slow (we were there over 3 hours and there was only 1 other table taken in the place). We went back about a week ago, again the food was good and service was much better . We will go back again and I suggest you give it a try. My only complaint, my chocolate martini was unfortunately terrible.

  5. Chocolate martinis should be terrible. Eat chocolate or have a martini: anyone thinking to combine those two terrific food/drink items is neither a chocolate or martini fan.

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