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Visions Restaurant & Bar Is For Lease


visions 752 coney island avenue
Ever looked at Visions Restaurant & Bar (752 Coney Island Avenue between Cortelyou Road and Avenue C) and thought, “If only I could put my stamp on that…”? If you have nearly $100k to spend in the coming year, according to a tip sent over by neighbor Faye, you can now do just that.

The bar is up for grabs for $8,000 a month via Bantam Realty Services, and comes with all furniture, fixtures, kitchen equipment, and even a liquor license included. Its ground floor is roughly 1,600 sq ft, plus there’s a 1,000 sq ft basement.

“Located on Cortelyou Road at the intersection of Coney Island Avenue and Cortelyou, in the center of the Ditmas Park restaurant and bar scene,” says Bantam. “Neighbors Include The Farm on Adderley, Purple Yam, Picket Fence, The Castello Plan, Sycamore Bar, Oxcart Tavern, and many more.”

Interested parties can contact Bantam’s Daniel Rodriguez Sains at 646-351-6237. Considering the establishment’s proximity to all of the wonderful bars and eateries mentioned, what do you think would be the best way to set Visions apart? If you were to rent the space, what would you do to make it a success?

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  1. Visions never seemed to quite make it while the other places in the area did. We ate there a few times when it first opened and thought it was very good, but it was never crowded. Bad location? Poor marketing?

  2. The listing says “**This bar is still in operation. If you visit the location, please exercise discretion and do not engage in conversation about the space with anyone at the restaurant.”….

    Ooops…. This forum is somewhat discrete among locals, isn’t it?

  3. They stopped serving brunch and such ages ago. The place is always mostly empty. I have no idea how they are even still open at this point. I think the main problem is that management ironically lacks vision. With the right idea and execution, that place will thrive. Oh, and change the name and signage, please. It looks like a cheesy “gentlemen’s club.”

  4. Cortelyou needs a true sports bar and grill that has a half dozen TVs, serves burgers and the like, etc.

  5. 773 is great, and I go there quite often, both for hanging out / drinking and to watch NFL games and other stuff that I don’t get at home because I have cable instead of satellite. For sports, it gets the job done, but it’s an Irish pub that happens to have TVs, not a true sports bar and grill. Maybe I’m splitting hairs here . . .

  6. With all due respect, and I have drunk lots of beer in 773, the place isn’t a sports bar. It is an old Irish drinking place that hasn’t changed in Lord knows how many years.

  7. I wonder if a locally owned and locally conceived place similar to chains like PK Chang’s would work at that location. We have a ton of bad to terrible Chinese take-out joints but no place where you can sit down, have a meal and a drink and enjoy some good American style Chinese food.

  8. If I had the $$$ I’d buy the place, put a flashing bulb(superior style) sign up above visions that said DOUBLE. Bar would rule.

    …even though i just googled the bar name and it’s a sleazy gogo bar already:(

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