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Visions Is Closed; New Restaurant & Bar, Propellerhead, To Open This Summer


We have exciting news, neighbors!

A new café/restaurant/bar, named Propellerhead, will be making its debut this summer at 752 Coney Island Avenue, where Visions Restaurant & Bar was located, after the space undergoes renovations.

The new eatery will be a family-friendly café/restaurant during the day and transform into a bar at night, said neighbor Ian Stickland, who’s working with the new owner, Paul-Gabriel Wiener, to open the new business by late summer.

We’ll be getting more of a glimpse into the menu as the opening date nears, and so far we know it will include burgers, sandwiches, plenty of gluten-free items, pastries, and more.

Ian let us know that in addition to the core menu, the new spot will be offering specials focusing on seasonal ingredients.

Propellerhead will likely be open much of the day, with the café welcoming customers in the morning and the bar staying open until the pre-dawn hours.

We’ll keep you updated about the restaurant, including more of an in-depth look at the menu, when you’ll be able to toast to their grand opening and how to apply for jobs once they start hiring.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Propellerhead!

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  1. Shame they couldn’t leverage the recent marketing value of The Vision in Avengers 2.

  2. Just what we need – another bar. It will go great with the other 4 (5?) bars within a 1 block walk.

  3. How many of those other bars position themselves as family-friendly, offer a cafe during the daytime, and sell gluten-free items and pastries? Zero?

  4. Actually, Frank, Sycamore, Bar Chord, and Highbury are high-end bars that are comparable to the ones that raised property values on 5th Avenue in the Slope. They’re great meeting places for creative types and a few yups in the neighborhood as well as venues for live performance. They enhance the allure of the restaurants and delis nearby. If they have resulted in disruption or regular 2 a.m. pukings I’ve never heard about it. And as has been said, a daytime family restaurant turned bar is a new thing. AND it’s on ever-grotty Coney Island Avenue. What the hell did you expect? A bookstore? Even though I’d love more kinds of places on Cortelyou (including a bookstore) I’m pretty happy about this.

  5. I’m sort of amazed by the responses here.

    First off, as someone who walks by Sycamore every night – it results in evenings pukings and disruptions just about every night.

    Secondly, who cares about the “family friendly” “gluten-free” pastries? It’s a bar. However, given that it will be the 5th or 6th bar within 100 damn feet, it has to distinguish itself somehow from the others. So, go to Castello Plan for fancy food, Sycamore for flowers and patios, Highbury for sports, the other damn one for music (or did I get those mixed up), and then the Irish one that burnt down for cheap drinks. And now, we can go to Vision redux for gluten free pastries with our booze.

    As I said, another bar. Different schtick, but another bar. Then again, if you think that being able to choose Coke over Pepsi means that you really have different things to choose from, enjoy the gluten free pastries.

  6. As someone who lives across the street from Sycamore, I can confirm that Frank is correct here. There have also been problems with public urination. Don’t assume that just because you haven’t heard of something it doesn’t happen.

  7. Not that I cared for Visions but man… talk about a cold farewell, I see places close here all the time to sad testimonials and well wishes… “We have exciting news, neighbors!” speaks to gentrification at it’s purest, out with the old Brooklyn, in with the new Brooklyn… Welp! Welcome Propellerhead

  8. Well, I would imagine that those with kids care that it’s family friendly (raises hand) and those that don’t eat gluten care that it offers gluten-free food.

    Anna’s post also says that it’s *not* going to be a bar during the day, so I’m not sure why you’re hung up on the bar aspect and ignoring the cafe/restaurant part.

    But I guess based on the logic in your last paragraph, there’s no reason for anyone to look forward to a restaurant opening because there’s probably already a McDonald’s somewhere nearby.

  9. I wouldn’t describe Visions as old Brooklyn. I’d describe it as a shithole with no redeeming qualities. The fact that the place was always empty speaks to that.

  10. It’s not me who is missing the point. I think the point is that everyone here is cheering on the arrival of Burger King, because all we have is McDonald’s.

    Again, we now have 5 or 6 bars within 100 feet of one another. Go neighborhood!!! Unless Sycamore isn’t really a bar, it’s really a flower shop. And unless Castello Plan isn’t a bar, it’s really a tapas place. And unless this new place isn’t a bar, it’s really a gluten free family friendly restaurant.

  11. If you’re so bothered by the existence of a bar in the area, then go and offer to buy these guys out (or any of the other local bar owners) and open a business you’d prefer in their place. Or just sit on the sidelines and root for their business to fail. Whatever works.

  12. I tried writing a response three times now, but you’re comment is just too stupid to respond to substantively.

  13. Visions didn’t represent “old Brooklyn,” it represented how not to run a bar. Choose your battles, dude.

  14. LOL. anyway, there’s another eatery and bar called Bashi on Cortelyou as well…across the street from the Mexican spot.
    The name of this business isn’t the greatest, but if the renovations and menu are appealing, I may stop in.
    I never stepped in Visions, b/c like someone stated, its always empty!

  15. I believe a book store is coming…Cafe Madeline next business venture. It will be located next to the Key food.

  16. A book store? Darn. I was hoping it’d be something more likely to succeed, like a shop for manufacturing wooden, horse-drawn wagon wheels.

  17. Ok, well I wish you the best in your endeavor to create a negative number of family-friendly cafes in the area.

  18. Honestly, if people want to discourage others–for whatever reason–from moving in to this neighborhood or opening something in this neighborhood or buying or renting a place to live in this neighborhood–all they have to do is link to the comments section on this blog. I have to assume that the majority of people in Ditmas Park aren’t as truly awful as the various humanoids who complain about every last f”cking thing from every illogical contradictory nonsensical angle imaginable. If not, to the sane people, you’re all doomed.

  19. visions has closed like 5 times in the last few years, which is probably why there is no big farewell.
    we ate there once probably 4 or 5 years ago. it was ok, nothing exciting.
    someone around here should try a BBQ type place also with some stuff like Brooklyn belly had on its menu (jerk chicken, etc.). some regular comfort food that will appeal to a broad swath of people in the area. obviously there is a market for it, fisherman’s cover has huge lines and isn’t exactly cheap. if we had a place that had some reliably good BBQ type food I would order for delivery quite a bit and even show up several times a year.
    the front can be a bar at night, maybe the back goes to a more bar food menu after 10 or whatever.

  20. Then just don’t reply at all…

    “If you have nothing to say, say nothing” – Mark Twain

  21. Re the name: it sticks.
    Visions is just another exchangeable name in the long lists of bar names currently given everywhere. Totally saying nothing.
    Propellerhead is either a plane enthusiastic, or really goes for family friendly.

  22. I love how Frank is pointing out the redundancy of repeating businesses by repeating his same point over and over…

    “Repeats are stupid!”
    “Repeats are stupid!”
    “Repeats are stupid!”

    Thanks for that wisdom, Frank. Don’t let your hypocrisy get in the way of you standing up to small businesses trying to provide a service. You get’im, champ.

  23. Lol omg one more reply. Frank thinks he’s living in suburbia. Sorry this is still Brooklyn and the damn bar with live Music that so many of us are so thankful for is called Bar Chord.

  24. Did you become an idiot or were you born that way? Do us all a favor and get the fuck outta Brooklyn if you don’t like it. I’m 45 and still go to concerts all the time and when free, go to Bar Chord. They’re business is booming. Care to put your money where your big mouth is?

  25. Jeff you have clearly never set foot in this bar if you think it would attract a young crowd.

  26. I didn’t imply that they were young. I implied that they had not graduated from high school.

  27. The place was closed more than it was open… I think everyone is just happy that something is going to be in the space that may actually be open (hopefully).

  28. Frank — there are also 3 supermarkets and several bodegas within a 1/2 mile. There are also, I believe, 4 or 5 hair salons/barbershops on that same stretch of Cortelyou. Several daycare centers. 3 or 4 coffee shops. AAACK! Close them! There should be only 1 of each!

    “In Mother Russia we only had 1 shop and it was unpleasant and didn’t offer what you needed, but that was good enough for me! You Americans and your decadent options!”
    — Frank

  29. It’s not about the existence of *a* bar in the area, or even TWO or THREE. It’s about a growing number of bars, and the fact that the more you have, the more it change the nature of the neighborhood, which in this case has been a residential and family-oriented neighborhood for a long time. That’s generally what has motivated people to live here. And, again, *a* bar, or a few, does not detract from the family-oriented nature. But when you start having six, seven, eight in close proximity, it runs the risk of becoming a destination for people to get raging drunk and act like idiots until late into the night. See: college neighborhoods in many, many cities and towns across the country, etc.

  30. Yup idiot from birth. Obviously you’re well versed with haldol. If you can’t handle the temptation than perhaps you should move upstate or anywhere you can get away from it all.

  31. Obviously you haven’t opened your eyes in quite some time or your blind from staring at your computer screen too long cause there’s a new demographic moving into the neighborhood and the bars all do very well. Don’t like it…Move. Simple as that.

  32. If you moved into an apartment right above a bar than you’re the one at fault and a combination moron/transplant who has no street smarts.

  33. Obviously you have a problem with some of the other commenters here. If you don’t like them, go away. Simple as that.

  34. Obviously you’re a real shit for brains since you Obviously don’t look to see what you’re commenting on. Considering I was commenting to someone who replied to one of my posts. If you come late to the party at least bring something to drink.

  35. You are obviously fresh off the boat and don’t quite comprehend grammar. Not to mention a bitch ass hiding behind a screen. I’ll be at Sycamore 6pm. Be there or go back to your country.

  36. I don’t understand how a cafe/restaurant/bar replacing a restaurant/bar equates to a growing number of bars. That’s a net of zero.

    As someone else said, Park Slope has stretches that include multiple bars and they’ve increased property values there. And Park Slope is obviously “family-oriented” notwithstanding those bars’ existence.

    I understand your point about college neighborhoods. But this isn’t a college neighborhood. If Brooklyn College were to start building dorms along Coney Island Avenue, then yes, the atmosphere would likely change in the ways you fear. But I don’t see what leads you to think college kids are going to decide to collectively swarm Cortelyou Road and partake in pub crawls.

    Also, plenty of people who’ve bought property or rented over the last several years did so after getting to know the neighborhood after visiting places like Sycamore, Castello Plan, Ox Cart, etc. Even if the nightlife isn’t a draw for you, it is for many others, and that includes those with families.

  37. Most people don’t do a supermarket, bodega, salon and barbershop crawl and come out of supermarkets,bodegas, salons and barbershops at 2AM screaming and yelling and vomit and pee on the street. Not really a fair comparison to the original argument here.

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