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Video: Drunk Driver Flips Car On Belt Parkway


A drunk driver caused minor damage to several other cars when he flipped his own vehicle on the Belt Parkway last week, then cursed out this reporter as police took him away in handcuffs.

The accident occurred at approximately 11:00 p.m. on Wednesday, July 6, near the East 14th Street westbound entrance ramp of the highway. As NYPD and FDNY personnel arrived on the scene, all three lanes of traffic and the entrance ramp were closed down for at least 20 minutes. Authorities opened one lane until the cleanup and arrest were completed, with all lanes reopening at around midnight.

The accident splattered gasoline over the two right lanes, and four other cars were damaged according to our tipster, Alan R., who also sent in the video below of the car minutes after it flipped. Some of the cars may have been damaged while avoiding the accident, and at least one was damaged when he attempted to back off the highway through the entrance ramp. None of the other four cars were on the scene when Sheepshead Bites arrived.

The 61st Precinct had not yet received the accident report by the time Sheepshead Bites called for information, but did confirm that the driver was arrested for a DUI.

At minute 2:07 of the video above, you can hear the suspect cursing out this reporter as he filmed this arrest, and a bystander cursing back at him.

There’s also a cool bit at minute 3:30 of the video above, when emergency responders remove the blockade, and traffic retakes the highway, quickly erasing all but the smallest signs of the accident.

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  1. he drove drunk, and damaged other cars.  And yelling at a reporter is utmost in his mind. These days I guess the technique is that the best defense is a good offense. Maybe he was taught in school to have high self-esteem, even if you drive drunk and threaten lives.

  2. Ned, I think this is the accident I called you up and told you about last week.  Same location, all three lanes closed.  You said you would look into it and try to find out more.

  3. Well, no surprise to hear that…USA recently ranked 25th in Math Worldwide, but we retain the champion, 1st place in…Self Esteem

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