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Video: Council Candidates Hear Out Grassroots Proposals To Local Issues


Candidates vying for the 48th City Council District participated in an unorthodox, but incredibly informational, forum last Thursday, hosted by the Madison-Marine-Homecrest Civic Association.

The learning-style forum gave local citizens the opportunity to interact directly with three City Council candidates for the 48th District: Republican David Storobin, Working Families Igor Oberman, and Democrat Chaim Deutsch. The format of the panel departed from the usual, and featured three reporters asking questions, which a citizens panel then answered as if they were the council members. The candidates then weighed in, saying how they’d approach the issue and responding to the residents’ proposals.

Moderated by City Councilman Lew Fidler, the panel touched on important concerns, including local development, parking and traffic, garbage and the revitalization of our commercial districts – the concerns residents said would guide their vote in the November 5 election.

The media panel brought together reporters from local, citywide, and New York policy publications: Michael Powell, a veteran metro reporter from the New York Times; Cristian Salazar, editor of the Gotham Gazette, a policy analysis publication; and our own Ned Berke, editor and publisher of Sheepshead Bites.

Attendance for the event filled up the Carmine Carro Community Center in Brooklyn’s Marine Park, where the event took place. Ed Jaworski, the president of the Madison-Marine-Homecrest Civic Association and organizer of the event said that the event was “an opportunity for the public, candidates for office, and current office holders to learn from citizens. It‘s a focus on citizen input, that is, bottom-up consideration.”

William Chin, one of the citizen panels, said, “It was an unbelievable turnout.” But he added that though the content was good, there weren’t many “campaignable promises.”

Storobin, Oberman, and Deutsch had dissenting opinions about what it would take to draw business to local shops, find a balance in the equitable distribution of wealth, and educate proprietors on the basics of business stability.

In fact, one of the few things the candidates did agree upon was the rejection of Bloomberg’s 16-ounce soda ban, with Storobin calling it “preposterous” and Oberman adding, “We don’t need another politician concerned about soda.”

The entire panel can be watched in the video above.

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  1. WOW. And after that Storobin sends press releases everywhere claiming that Deutsch does not want to debate him. Also he claims that Deutsch does not know the district and needs a map to find his way. Funny, especially taken into consideration that Deutsch works in the district for 12 years. It is sick and getting sicker. Poor Storobin, he has no record to run on. Do you remember last year, here we go again, lie after lie.

  2. Look, I’m not saying, I am any better than these guys, but if these three are the best we can do, as a native, I worry! Deutsch runs a banner ad claiming,” From Our Community, For Our Community”?! For crying out loud, not that I would want the facts to get in the way, but having just received the official informational flyer from the NYC Citizens committee, Deutsch sates that he is actually From Upstate NY, went to a Yeshiva in South Fallsburg (He didn’t even go to one of our local Yeshivas,( As our area continues to boom, but nonetheless is becoming more Balkanized, let alone one of our better local Public Schools!) and I worry as to where he will funnel our hard earned tax dollars?! Storobin, seems never to have had an actual job, and his campaign last year, turned this landsman off, with his incessant kotowing appeal to the Frum. And frankly he comes across, as a schmegagel! Oberman is a complete unknown quantity! Look, I know we have lost most of our many best and brightest to other pastures over the years, but if I said, “E Pluribus Unum” to any of these guys, I fear, that they wouldn’t have a clue, as to what I am talking about?! Oy!!!

  3. Yep, while I don’t think we need a map to know the lay of the land here today there is no denying that we are in a much different place than we were years ago. Those of us who have lived here long enough to remember Sheepshead Bay as a quiet little town have to wonder whether our interests are of any concern to these candidates.

  4. Huh? He lived in Brooklyn his whole life, he went to Yeshiva right here in Brooklyn for elementary school. Seriously bro

  5. Chaim is resident of Brooklyn his entire life . And also why don’t you worry now and the last at least ten years where your taxpayer dollars go? Chaim is an honest person who cares. He does not lie and does not take anyone’s credits. If you see mailing sent by storobin campaign to Russians you will be shocked what a piece of s-t wants to be elected. By staying home and not voting for Chaim you helping a rasist to get elected.

  6. His campaign bio (in the NYC Campaign Finance Board booklet) states exactly what EndofDaze says. You are not doing him any favors by claiming otherwise.

    As I was walking out of Cherry Hill carrying my overpriced food, I spotted a new newspaper laying around where the other publications are. The paper is called the Brooklyn Advance, and it was the first addition. At first glance it looks like a regular neighborhood newspapers but upon further inspection it is actually a David Sortobins political propaganda piece. Every article is either about how great Sortobin is or is simply written by him. On the header of each page there is a link to his website.
    Now I ask you, why did he have to mislead people and make it look like a real newspaper when all it is, is a piece of advertising. And the answer: because Sortobin is all fluff and no substance.

  8. one more BREAKING NEWS.
    Do you remember “absentee ballots” saga last year? Here we go again. Storobin people lead by his mother walk from building to building in Brighton Beach asking people to sign a request for an absentee ballot claiming that law permits all elderly to vote by absentee ballots. Elderly are being told that they can vote at home (it was something like this in Soviet Union). People who refuse to sign are shouted at. Also the same group was heard advising people who have already sent absentee ballots to BOE, come to the polls and vote for Storobin. Also Russians received mailing two days ago saying that Storobin was endorsed by Rudy Giuliani, Total BS. Storobin was not endorsed by Giuliani for NYC council run. The same mailing contains more lies but who is surprise of Storobin’s way of campaigning.

  9. If he was not endorsed by Rudy and he is claiming that he is then this is election fraud. Time for Ned gumshoes to get on the case.

  10. The only I said that Chaim is a resident of Brooklyn his entire life. We have elected mayors and senators born outside of the city. So what? I also said that Cham is working for community long enough, No other meaning

  11. Tuth your an idiot. Storobin Is endorsed by Giuliani ! only old Russians who cant walk or are sick get absentee ballots . I understand your full of anger but resorting to lying , This just shows you what kind of character traits Storobins opposition possesses.

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