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Video: Car Chase Ends With Suspect’s Truck Flipping On Neptune Avenue


A reader sent us video of the aftermath of what he said was a high-speed car chase on Neptune Avenue, which ended with the suspect’s vehicle flipping over near East 11th Street at approximately 2:00 a.m. Sunday morning. Here’s what he wrote:

this guy was fleeing from the cops. There was a  high speed chase, and his truck flipped. This was on Neptune Ave just off of Coney Island Ave.  Amazingly, he got out of the car through the door and started saying that the mob was following him. Then he asked the police to promise him that he would be allowed to go back to his hotel.  As he was being carried away restrained in a stretcher, he was yelling “Your breaking the law” to the police officers.

The NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Public Information’s office could not provide us with any details about the incident.

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