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Victor Rosado, 22, Shot To Death In Coney Island

2940 West 21st Street, where police responded to the shooting. (Source: Google Maps)
2940 West 21st Street, where police responded to the shooting. (Source: Google Maps)

Cops were called to 2940 West 21st Street last night, where they found 22-year-old Victor Rosado shot dead.

Rosado lived around the corner from where police found him crumpled on the sidewalk just after 11:30 p.m., at 2007 Surf Avenue. He was taken to Lutheran Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

According to News 12, Rosado was an active member of the Coney Island community and was an expectant father.

Witnesses told the Daily News that there was no provocation for the shooting, with Rosado just hanging out with friends and playing a game of chess when an unknown gunman opened fire on the group.

“They killed my little man,” one man, who didn’t want to be identified, said as he choked back tears.

“We was just hanging out, listening to music, playing chess, and they just started shooting. God, that was my little man.”

The man said he ran for safety when the gunshots rained down on them and couldn’t see who the shooter or shooters were.

No arrests have been made.

As of August 10, that latest date for which there are statistics, there have been 13 shootings, with 15 victims, in 2014 in the 60th Precinct, which patrols Coney Island, Brighton Beach and Gravesend. That’s a decrease from the same time period in 2013, which saw 16 shootings and 21 victims. Though shootings are down in the 60th Precinct, citywide gun violence is surging, with a 13 percent increase in incidents.

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  1. How the hell are shootings in this precent and murders citywide down with no Stop & frisk?
    BTW I was looking a crime stats when Giuliani was in office and almost every catagory of violent crime was way higher under Giuliani then it is now.

  2. Agreed with the posters below. These numbers aren’t the real numbers. And can we blame them? The word probably came down from DiB and Bratton to make sure the numbers make these 2 look good or else.

  3. There is no way that crime can be down, all I hear on the news and read in the papers is crime crime crime who shot who, who robbed who, who stabbed who, who broke in, who stole this, I agree with Murray , fudged numbers for sure, who are they trying to fool maybe the tourists but not the people that live here.

  4. You can never eliminate all crime from s big city like NY. Obviously there will be crime in a city with over 8 million people. However facts are that crime in NyC is down compared to the Guiliani and early bloomberg era. Half of tthe time the news is reporting about crime in tge suburbs, not the actual city

  5. I don’t know, do you keep track of the stats yourself and check them against the official numbers? I thought not…
    But seriously I heard of cops refusing to take police reports and not showing up to robberies when there are no injuries, all second hand accounts though, not sure how true they are….

  6. You’re right about cops being able to make certain crimes go away, by refusing to take reports or lowering it to a lesser crime. But again, its tough to do that with a shooting victim. Maybe shootings are the same and the guys are just not as good of shots as last year, who knows.

  7. Not sure how the process actually works, if a shooting is reported but there are no victims does that shooting still count? If a person is shot and they catch the shooter but the feds take over this crime because maybe it was a part of some other ongoing investigation does that still count against the local numbers? see I don’t think we know the criteria, we just think we do…. isn’t it all about jurisdiction for these type of crimes?

  8. Experience shows that the only reliable statistic is the Murder rate. You are either dead or you are not. Almost all the other crime categories can be manipulated. I am not saying that current crime stats are all fake but some have been fixed in the past. Precinct Commanders have been caught re-classifying crimes, from felony to misdemeanors, and they have been punished. Let’s see, dear readers, do you feel less safe or have you been a crime victim lately? Enquiring minds want to know.

  9. Honestly less safe, there are a lot of weird characters roaming Sheepshead bay lately… I’d feel more safe if our dear leaders would allow law abiding citizen to carry concealed firearms. And the crime rate will drop, which has been proven statistically.

  10. If there’s a reported shooting with no victims, I imagine sometimes makes it to the official police report and sometimes it doesn’t. But we were talking about shooting victims. Not sure that its as easy to hide them. Also I would imagine most shootings in NYC are not prosecuted by the feds. But I’m sure those numbers exist also.

  11. NYC CIT would feel more safe (safer?), and not only feel safer, but would be safer if law abiding citizens could get CCW permits here in NYC. The gun laws have made no impact on crime except to leave the rest of us helpless. If you are a 2nd Amendment Democrat, send Cuomo a message, vote Teachout on Primary Day. Oddly, the Gubernatorial Primary has not been covered locally by The Bites. I guess it is not local enough to merit the Scrutiny of Ned. I think Cymbrowitz has a Primary but not Missing in Action Helene. Pity.

  12. The last thing anyone wants or needs is the likes of you, untrained and jumpy, on the street with a gun. Either you’ll hurt yourself or have it taken from you while you attempt to use it. Yes, yes, I’m sure you’re already well trained, a super commando ninja who jack bauer and chuck norris look to for inspiration. And even with all that, you still should not carry a gun. It’s in your best interest.

  13. Crime goes up in the summer and so does the amount of weird characters. Every summer I see weird characters in places you won’t see them (or much less) if it weren’t summer.

    If you continue seeing more strange/shady people beyond like mid-September, than the neighborhood may really be changing.

  14. Thanks for letting me know how I should protect my family. Concealed carry is an option almost everywhere but NYC, you can get a carry license upstate and hundreds of thousands have been issued just in NYS not to mention all the other free states. The reason you don’t hear much about it is 1) You don’t see it when you’re upstate (hence concealed) and 2) Contrary to what you believe law abiding citizens don’t whip out guns on a whim unless they are in mortal danger. Educate yourself before spewing you brain dead ideas planted into your head by MSM.

  15. That’s the thing “I imagine” and “I’m sure” are not based on facts but on opinions… we just don’t know.

  16. Cuomo won’t listen to any of you or us or whatever, in reality he has a certain agenda and people’s opinions hardly matter. He will be out this November, a lot of people had their eyes opened by how corrupt he is when he’s passing laws without due process and setting up corruption committees just to shut them down when they actually found corruption. Even the teacher’s union is staying out of it this year and that says a lot, they don’t think he could win and he won’t. Vote for a viable candidate. Astorino is not a bad start.

  17. Thats why I said they might make a report and they might not. We do know that at the very least. Of course there might be a way to hide a victim shooting report. You were arguing that shooting victim numbers are fudged.And I said its not that easy to pretend someone wasn’t shot when they were, especially when a hospital is involved.

  18. Years ago, the NYPD used to say that the odds were that the armed citizen would likely be disarmed by the bad guy while he or she attempted to use it in self defense. Finally, they were challenged to provide ‘proof’ of that assertion and the NYPD could not provide ‘proof’. They admitted that they did not compile such statistics. So, that argument went ‘poof’. I challenge the good Captain to prove that gun owners are more likely to be disarmed then defend themselves or their loved ones. In sum, he cannot.

  19. The only change I notice is more homeless (demented) living on Sheepshead Bay Road near the subway station & nearby bus stops. I will keep my one good eye out for more strange/shady people.

  20. Usually, a 9-1-1 call reported shooting with no victims is a ‘shots fired’ call followed by ‘Unfounded’ disposition, unless shell casings or other indication of gunfire are found at the scene.

  21. Because manipulating them to show a sharp decline right after the permits were starting to get issued would go against the long standing democratic mantra that more legal guns = more crime… I suspect any numbers would only be manipulated if there’s a motive. In this case it kinda plays against the establishment so there’s no motive really. Just my opinion, not a scientific fact.

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