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Looming Verrazano Bridge Toll Hike Sparks Petition

Source: wallyg via flickr

Tolls for bridge crossings have long been the scourge of mankind ever since hideous trolls and ogres started collecting them in medieval times. Since heroic knights can’t protect us from the MTA, we have to rely on petitions like the one started by Dominic Cenatiempo.

Centaiempo, a resident of Staten Island, is hoping to rally 500,000 outraged motorists to join him in his full opposition to the proposed $2 hike on the Verrazano Bridge.

The $2 increase, set for March, would bring the total cost of crossing the bridge to $15, hammering commuters traversing from Staten Island into Brooklyn. Cenatiempo voiced his outrage on

People are suffering financially especially everyday commuters who travel just to go to work. Small businesses are suffering financially from being crushed left and right. This had led them to enforce pay cuts, layoffs, and some to close their doors for good. We the people say “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” we have had it up to here with the Bullshit !!!!!

Are you also incensed with the toll increases? Feel free to sign Cenatiempo’s petition, which is still about 498,000 short of its goal.

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  1. It won’t matter. Nobody cares. Everyone seems to think motorist have infinite pockets lined with green and copper.

  2. Staten Islanders only pay a fraction of the toll the rest of us pay!
    Here’s a question for the Transportation folk: How much of the toll is actually used to support the bridge?

  3. Gosh 15 bucks is a lot of money. But hey, that money goes to the government, and we all know that’s a good thing, right?

    How about a bicycle/walking path over the bridge with some of that money!

  4. How dare you protest the actions of our Glorious Leaders! Anyone making anti-government statements on this blog shall be immediately reported to the DHS, shall be deemed a domestic extremist, and will be promptly escorted to the nearest FEMA camp. Long live Nancy Napolitano!

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