Van Hits Parked Car, Collides With Pole At Caton Avenue And Parade Place


Caton Ave van accident photo from Christopher Beaumont

A neighbor reached out to us and let us know about this accident Sunday evening, when a van hit a parked car and then collided with a pole after swerving to avoid hitting a pedestrian at the intersection of Caton Avenue and Parade Place around 10pm.

Caton Ave van accident 2 photo from Christopher Beaumont

Fortunately, no one was seriously injured. This is at least the second incident at Caton Avenue and Parade Place this year – last winter, a van crashed into the front of an apartment building at 1620 Caton Avenue. After damaging much of the building’s front, the driver left the scene, neighbors said.

Caton Ave van accident 3 photo from Christopher Beaumont

Does anyone know of other incidents at this intersection? What do you think can be done to avoid accidents like these in the future?

Many thanks to neighbor Christopher Beaumont for the photos.

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  1. It’s a confusing intersection, a “T” with (for drivers on Caton) some ambiguity as to just where one should stop for the red light. (At least, I find it confusing.) And of course Caton is a hell, a 2-lane road with no bike lane (and plenty of cyclists) that mysterious seems to be a funnel for all the monster truck traffic between the mainland U.S. and Montauk. Add the lunatic van drivers, and I am surprised there aren’t *more* accidents.

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