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Vacancies on Park Place and Flatbush Avenue


fiveguysclosed via HPS

The Five Guys at 164 Park Place has officially closed. The burger franchise’s signs have been taken down and Here’s Park Slope reports that the phone line has been disconnected. The space joins its neighbor, the former New Happy Taco, as now-vacant real estate. It’s part of the many upcoming changes in the area, evidenced by the empty locations on nearby Flatbush Avenue:

248 flatbush

The former Cinderella Cleaner & Tailor at 248 Flatbush offers a large space for a future business. Even larger? The 12,000-square foot space at 342 Flatbush.

342 flatbush

In my wildest dreams, Park Slope gets its very own boutique movie theater where the Brooklyn Nephrology Center used to be. What would you like to see done with the space?

Smaller spots are still up for rent along Flatbush as well.

350 flatbush

350 Flatbush Avenue will be sandwiched between the new Franny’s and Weight Watchers. Maybe put a little personal training center so that you can hit each spot in succession?

328 flatbush

And how about 328 Flatbush? It could make a nice home furnishing store. Or maybe used books? What’s something Park Slope doesn’t have that you wish it did?

Photo of Five Guys via Here’s Park Slope

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